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  1. I'm just SW of Exeter - happy to meet any time!
  2. I have done everything possible to my 996 C2 to make it drive as well as it can, including fitting extremely-expensive Exe-tc suspension and lightweight, forged wheels. It's an utterly superb car by almost every standard. The Evora is better in every way - straight out of the box. That's seriously impressive (and it's why I'm selling the 911....).
  3. EGTE

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    Very nice, Snicko.
  4. Thanks, Gents. Loving the car; enthusiast owners rock!
  5. Well hello chaps and chapesses, I am the buyer of this car and I am: Coming FROM a Porsche (996 C2; good car, but money-pit) and Down in Devon, so it was a long but very pleasant journey yesterday! Been lusting after Loti for decades, Evoras for months (thanks, JayEmm!) and veering wildly in aspirations from Leven's GTE to the cheapest NA. This one's history, spec and colour all ticked the boxes and I'm greatly enjoying driving her. It's funny really; I'm going from Porsche to Lotus in order to find increased reliability; what does that say about Porsche? First task is to sort the A/C out (hopefully just a re-gas) and then enjoy her as much as possible! Many thanks to Tony and Ruth for a pleasant buying experience. Cheers, Russ
  6. Bit of a resurrection, but did you keep those pictures, Dave? If so, could you post them up, please? Thanks.
  7. How come it looks so slow, with that much torque? A little out of my price bracket, too.
  8. Congrats on your purchase. You beat me to this car by about 1 day, dammit. 😀 Still looking....
  9. Thanks, CocoPops. In that case, I'll probably give the car a miss. Thanks for saving me a pointless journey! Cheers.
  10. Hi everyone, looking at potentially joining the happy Evora-owners club. 😉 I've decided on a post-2012 car, ideally a Sports Racer (still not sure if I need the S, but I do like to be able to over-take). There is a car I'm interested in that ticks a lot of boxes, but it has the Premium SuedeTex pack, which is a shame, as it's a long way from me. Can anyone please enlighten me as to what exactly Suedetex is? Is it like alcantara, or something? Does anyone have any experience of Suedetex durability? Thanks.
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