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  1. Hopefully it's just a "sorting-out" phase and other makes can have far bigger (and far more expensive) problems. (although I too have low screenwash level warning error - anyone know which part to order [non-Lotus])?
  2. The 996 thing was because of RHD: the steering column placement meant the tank was sort of saddle-shaped. They measurement was done on one side and the other side an estimate.
  3. I wasn't complaining, I was trying to warn others. Thanks for the useful comment, Jaws; I did not know these had been done after-market; I would have been far more careful, otherwise.
  4. Had a bit of a scary afternoon, yesterday. Wiped the wheels over with some water-based panel wipe, prior to putting on some nice wax. Never had a problem with this stuff before. The wheels went mostly white!! Had to spend about 45 minutes per wheel with cutting polishes to get this stuff off - not nice in the heat! Still a few spots (looks like water-marks) remaining now. I suspect the lacquer may be on the way out; the wheels have been looking far from shiny in the wet recently and this is most odd. Just a warning to others: looks like the lacquer's pretty damned soft on the wheels (or is certainly so after 8 years). Would have taken pictures, but really didn't want to stop the recovery process. Will probably get the wheels refurbished soon.
  5. Dr. Pittenstein in-depth walk-through of GT430.
  6. Very nice, Steffen! What are the wheels, btw?
  7. My understanding is that dampers typically begin to degrade from about 60,000 miles. But that's an extremely generic figure.
  8. No probs, I do think your car looks great as-is. 😉
  9. Is there an easy way to determine if you've got the CR box, or not?
  10. I get that a lot of cars need improving from standard (I am a huge fan of high-quality suspension replacements, usually). But can I just ask: why would you want to do this to an Evora? It's the first car I've owned (probably ever and I've had many nice cars in my years of addiction....) that I don't think needs fiddling with at all. There's far more likelihood you'll compromise the (astonishingly-good) ride and handling, than not; and 10mm is bugger-all visually. Your car looks great, mate. Just enjoy it as-is (which is wonderful)?
  11. Sounds like it's worth trying the Nashville guy first, really. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the pictures, I'm inspired to do the same to my aquamarine Evora, too. 👍
  13. I think all LCD displays are horizontally polarised, so similarly-polarised sunglasses will be fine in the car (and aircraft).
  14. I think I have the exact-same problem. What bits needed greasing, do you know?
  15. Your shop prices, are they per wheel, or pair? It is not clear.
  16. Thanks for that, Colin! Will be cleaning hubs when I get home. Probably explains a slight wobble under braking, too.
  17. Who says yes and who says no? How far away is your nearest Lotus dealer?
  18. EGTE

    Newby !

    Porsches are far from reliable and I've had a few. Have you thought about an Evora? Toyota engine and gearbox, so way better than anything German.
  19. I am so going to get a 400 (or maybe 410) one day 🙂
  20. You've definitely done the right thing! After decades of multiple finest German sports cars/saloons/estates, my Evora makes me smile in a way none of the uber-machines ever did.
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