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  1. You can change the condenser without taking off the front clam.
  2. No, sorry. Although I could gut the 3rd cat on my sports exhaust and try that, now you mention it.
  3. Weird they never sold the GT in the UK. I would definitely have bought one.
  4. Okay I wasn't clear about my reasoning. I have an Evora, so I know the Emira will be great to drive, even if it is based on an Evora. However I already have a great-driving Evora, so buying an Emira would cost me about £45-50,000 to get a nicer interior (although the Evora's is just fine to me) and more electronics (not a good thing, especially parking-brake). Both look fine to me (not actually blown away by Emira tbh), so no improvement there either. Not criticising the Emira; it just doesn't stack up for me as an Evora owner already. I hope Lotus sell boat-loads of Emiras and become as successful as Porsche. In fact more successful than Porsche.
  5. Well I was initially all over the Emira, but after JayEmm's video pointing out that the Emira is basically a heavily-reworked Evora anyway, I'm not interested any more. Never was interested in the 4-pot since there is no manual option. So this Evora owner definitely won't be trading his car in for an Emira.
  6. DeRoure is not too good for this. Service Notes not much better: Evora_2009_english/003.htm Basically tighten as many as you can get to.
  7. Fair point, but I think their reviews are extremely good generally.
  8. This is one of the best reviewers on Youtube in my opinion (his LFA review/tribute was something else) Check out his thoughts on the Evora GT (and how Porsches compare at 14:28). You'll be glad to hear they align with your thoughts, Andrew. For sheer entertainment this one is superb as well:
  9. Porsches may be "measurably" better (although I don't believe they have better steering or ride anyway), but it's the immeasurable that Lotus wins on and the Evora is one of Lotus' very best. Even the humble NA beat the 997 GT3 (and the Noble M600...!) in EVO Car of the Year 2009, let's not forget.
  10. I thought they were criticising the Evora S, not the original. Still wish they'd brought the GT to the UK market.
  11. We've got a 25th-anniversary MX-5 too, so that's wonderful to hear about the value. Cracking little motor car (but not a patch on the Evora...).
  12. Thanks LogoMungo. So the faces aren't perfectly flat and the wheel slightly wobbles, okay.
  13. Thanks, Colin. I think that's good advice and let's face it, Lotus test-drives are no hardship 😀.
  14. Would love to hear your thoughts on differences between NA and -400. I know the latter is quicker, but talk of it being louder, stiffer and 'angrier' put me off a bit.
  15. The guy on the Nordschleife video sure knows the track well!
  16. Try them both, Hughesy. I did and I preferred the (perceptible to me) lightness of the NA, which surprised me.
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