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  1. Sounds like they didn't flush it/test it properly. Receiver-dryer is like a £20 part. What's the condition of the condenser? Regards the heat, can you hear your fans running? I had some gremlins that started with air-con dying and the fans then stopped running. After installing a new compressor, condenser (original was completely smashed up by gravel) and receiver-dryer, eventually it was disconnecting the battery terminals and grounding them that reset the ECU and all was well. Air-con has been fine for 2 years since. I also installed extra grille mesh on the front to protect the new condenser.
  2. How's about hanging some boat fenders out of your windows and down the side of your car, to force them to leave some space and save your bodywork. 😂
  3. Just ordered 4 sensors for £37 from Insured and tracked delivery for £1.99
  4. Some Seat Leon Cupra's are majorly modified. I recently saw one running something like 500BHP. That's probably why he wanted to race: he was in a sleeper rocket-car and wanted to rain on your parade.
  5. Only a few trolls on that thread; most replies positive. Quite unusual for PH and hopefully indicates the high regard people have belatedly discovered for the Evora.
  6. It's one less thing to go wrong, not having something as pointless as this.
  7. I think they're a bit of a nightmare to be honest, which is why I went for the 'soft option' of a Lotus 😆
  8. Just SW of Exeter, really close. Met @MayEvora at Lotus meet last year. Would be great to catch your GT430! Also saw an Evora S in very similar colours to @MayEvora in Alphington a couple of years ago, plus a black one on Torquay ring-road. There's a few down here, that's for sure.
  9. They're excellent, agreed. Used them a couple of times, but never for tyres. That could well change soon.
  10. Exactly my thought on McLarens. Lovely, but not worth the potentially enormous premium over the Evora, to me at least. Of course, the fact that the majority of chief engineers are ex-Lotus on McLarens is probably why they're so good.
  11. Yep, same here. except I order at 1330! Awesome.
  12. Sold! Great shout, guys.
  13. Anything not German......had enough of them. Tried many but ultimately they're not much fun and a right PITA to keep on the road.
  14. Those ramps are nice. Jacking up the middle with a plank along where the frame is works fine, too.
  15. Even a skilled Toyota mechanic might work.
  16. This one currently in Autotrader!
  17. I don't disagree, Jep; I've been watching tons of videos on 12Cs recently. I just don't think it's the time to buy, plus the Evora is as you say the business.
  18. That was the first -400 I seriously considered, Hughesy.
  19. Every time I think perhaps a McLaren would be great fun, I remember the Evora is 95% as good for less than half the money.
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