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  1. It wasn't just about price and the car is lovely, but just saying that even good -400s can be had for < 50K
  2. Well I was looking at one just last week that was under £50K privately, excellent spec, but we never reached a deal. Seller wants to buy a 981 GT4 (these are going up in price, apparently) and wanted just a little too much for the Evora in my opinion.
  3. That is so true, Bruss. I solved my car's issues only after going to an air-con specialist garage.
  4. At the same time as they wore out in no time at all, the pirellis also felt like they were made of stone: aquaplaning, understeering, ackerman-juddering and being far more noisy than the Michelins as well. In the cold and the the wet, they were pretty dire.
  5. How did you paint the Lotus script? I found the letters to be very rounded and difficult to paint when I did mine, so I just left them the same colour in the end.
  6. Don't forget the Wolseley fireplace/grille on the front, for extra understeer. My God those cars were beyond crap.
  7. Pheasants take the phrase "bird brained" to an extreme level. You can definitely see the lineage from dinosaurs in that regard.
  8. Me too. They've completely sold out now.
  9. This works fine and is £12.99. Folds up nicely too.
  10. Okay, thanks Phil. Couldn't find it myself. Anyway, after about 10 miles these Grandado ones sprang into life no problems. 👍
  11. Note of caution though: my car had the sports exhaust which, with the Radium CAI and 2bular 3rd-cat delete pipe, was frankly bonkers loud. Sold the Radium (to Bibs) and it's ideal now. Glad you like your CAIs guys, but if combined with too little muffling, it gets too much.
  12. I'd certainly prefer Oxfordshire to Norfolk, being in Devon!
  13. I used mine (pre-furlough....) for round trips between home (Devon) and London 2- 3 per months, mainly on the A303/M3 (M5/M4 being boring and a nightmare), plus whenever I could at home between trips. About 10K per year, all of them great, except one or two Summer Fridays when all the lemmings are clogging the roads solid. One of the reasons I went for the Evora is its Toyota engine's reputation for reliability and it seems to love being used, especially on long runs. With a long-ratio gearbox the Evora is a great tourer and averages about 28-30MPG on those runs.
  14. So I went back to compare the Grandado ones with the eBay ones and there is absolutely no difference. No date on either that I could see.
  15. I read somewhere the early NA cars had Avensis diesel ratios or something. Top would be good for something crazy like 240mph at the NA redline 😆
  16. Sorry Redwing, they're at the wheel repairers now, I cannot tell you that.
  17. I will. They look exactly the same as all the others and will hopefully go on the car this week.
  18. I've tried a Porsche one and I thought it was massively over-rated.
  19. Well that was quick! Grandado-ordered TPMS arrived this morning. Exactly the same as all the other versions. 9 days to get here from China, cannot argue with that!
  20. I just don't see why people rave about DCTs. They don't sound great to me and I've always found them much jerkier to use than torque converters.
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