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  1. Exactly my thought on McLarens. Lovely, but not worth the potentially enormous premium over the Evora, to me at least. Of course, the fact that the majority of chief engineers are ex-Lotus on McLarens is probably why they're so good.
  2. Yep, same here. except I order at 1330! Awesome.
  3. Anything not German......had enough of them. Tried many but ultimately they're not much fun and a right PITA to keep on the road.
  4. Those ramps are nice. Jacking up the middle with a plank along where the frame is works fine, too.
  5. This one currently in Autotrader!
  6. I don't disagree, Jep; I've been watching tons of videos on 12Cs recently. I just don't think it's the time to buy, plus the Evora is as you say the business.
  7. That was the first -400 I seriously considered, Hughesy.
  8. Every time I think perhaps a McLaren would be great fun, I remember the Evora is 95% as good for less than half the money.
  9. Like I say, specialists wouldn't dream of doing such things, while main dealers often don't give a hoot.
  10. Try the battery disconnect; it cured loads of weird issues on my car (that happily have not recurred)! I actually earthed the terminals to ground as well; might be worth a try.
  11. Some great prices on 400s coming in. Starting to think about "upgrading" my S1 now......
  12. I wouldn't put Pirellis back on my Evora if someone PAID me to, never mind if they were free. PS4S are the best, but I have PS4s on the front (due sizing) and they are still way, way better: all the anti-ackerman, tramlining and aquaplaning all gone and they last way longer, too.
  13. I do understand, James. My Evora has presented quite a few challenges over the last few years - nothing major really, but at times it was incessant - and you have to really love driving it a lot to keep going at times. Happily mine's all sorted now but it was a little touch-and-go whether or not I'd keep it and I'm totally in love with the car. Yours sounds like a lot of minor stuff honestly, but they all add up, like the saying goes: 'death by a thousand cuts'. It's a shame, but I do understand. Just don't buy a Porsche; that will be 'death by a huge cut' such as an engine or gearbox failure......
  14. CTEK 3.8 is a cheaper charger than the 5.0, but the 5.0 is actually overkill for cars.
  15. I'm not buying, I was trying to help when the thread was at £36/plug. But happily RHDV8 has found a better solution anyway.
  16. AC fix can be around £1000, for info. Still think it's a good deal.
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