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  1. Here's famous Scotty Kilmer raving about the Evora. That's going to bring a hell of a lot more awareness of the brand to the USA.
  2. The Michelin PS4S in 255/35/19 look ever so slightly stretched, too. Nothing major, but occasionally noticeable. Not going to mess with the Lotus set-up, if I can help it, except to say the Michelins are much, much better than the Pirellis ever were.
  3. Some good points here. There's another Hoovie video where "the Wizard" puts transmission fluid in the wrong hole of an AMG SLS, so he clearly isn't always right, to say the least!
  4. Just thought you fellow car-nuts should watch this: Favourite reviewer with one of my favourite cars.
  5. Not heard of this one before, but possibly of interest:
  6. "Analogue" is a euphemism for a feeling of connection between you, the car and the road/environment. Try driving a modern MPV/SUV/Citroen/Peugeot and you'll soon see that they completely isolate the driver from what's going on. Most modern cars do it a lot more than any Lotus, including the Evora.
  7. Autocar is utter garbage. I think its entire function is to keep Steve Cropley in corporate jollies.
  8. I did and they just seem better than the Pirelli in every way. Comfortable but not too soft.
  9. A dealership with "Integrity" in the name is probably anything but! 'The lady doth protest too loudly' and all that.
  10. They are noticeably better. No anti-Ackerman skipping, no aquaplaning and no more replacing the rears every 6000 miles......
  11. Your brief is exactly why I bought mine. 25000 extremely-enjoyable miles later and no major faults, except for a stone-destroyed condenser, which killed the compressor also (happens a lot on other cars, e.g. 911s), plus some weird electrical issues which were solved by resetting the ECU. I've also had brake and throttle-position sensors fail, but they're like £20 each. Not once have I worried about the engine destroying itself (unlike my 996....) or even not starting. It recently took an 85-year-old and three week's worth of baggage home after my Panamera broke down, too. She was amazed how comfortable it was. It gets a lot of love on the road, too. All-in-all it's definitely the best-fun usable car I've had and I still shake my head how so people go for them.
  12. A lot of Hethels seem to be autos, too.
  13. It is strange, yes. Unfortunately you might be leading the way on something new we all need to keep an eye on.
  14. Another thought for the OP: have you actually tried an NA? They are not exactly slow and they do feel lighter and nimbler. I tried both and preferred the NA. Honestly think it would be a wiser choice.
  15. I wouldn't touch a flooded car at all, personally.
  16. That's the second rotted sump we've seen recently, isn't it?
  17. It has for me, although I haven't had the tyres on long enough to test them in deep Winter. Couldn't get those Pirellis off fast enough, to be honest; they still had plenty of tread, but weren't great in the wet/cold/reversing.
  18. I won't touch main dealers of any type, sorry. It's where they make all their profits and they're just minimum-cost, minimum-care, maximum-profit machines.
  19. EGTE

    Formula One

    That F1 car sounds like a little radio-controlled car 😬
  20. Have just ordered and put Duralac on mine, thanks for the tip, Bibs.
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