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  1. I'd be going back to that dealer. 18 months is unacceptable quality (i.e. unfit for sale).
  2. Try oiling the tailgate mechanism and give it a good wiggle about? Same for any position sensors you can see?
  3. Just a thought: did you test the brake fluid level with the handbrake on or off? It might make enough of a difference (not sure which way around) to actually trigger the light properly, perhaps?
  4. EGTE

    Brave pill

    Indeed. 100K miles on that engine is not a biggie at all.
  5. I went with a Pioneer unit recommended by a local car electrical place; needed a small harness making up, but gives me waze/GMaps through the phone, DAB radio and keeps all the normal functions like camera/clock, etc of the old one. Cost about ÂĢ350 but is way better than the old one. However, electronics move on quickly and it could well be that Alpine make great new units, too. Ask around some local electrical places for what they recommend, I suggest.
  6. Also he mentioned an Oxygen-sensor fault. That can lead to the car running rich....which melts the cats.
  7. Sorry, I was watching the guy's YouTube video whilst reading this and got a bit mixed up about authors/comments ðŸĪŠ
  8. To the OP: you say yourself in your YT video's comments that you think this car had been tracked (I think a lot, probably). Given that the car had had the entire transmission replaced (!!!) after track abuse, I think your car has been royally shagged by a previous owner. As you can see from the previous reply, it's not a widely-reported issue. Never heard of the starter motor going, either; you've been a bit unlucky, I think. Also, was the 2GF-FE designed to take forced induction? I do get the impression that the extra heat and boost of the supercharged models can cause issues that the NAs are not quite as vulnerable to.
  9. Really, really avoid Kwik-fit. Go to a Pirelli centre, or something; at least they will have a clue (and not damage your wheels). Some really good info here:
  10. Yes, I don't want to strangle him, unlike other trust-fund twats like Schmee......😆
  11. I know many don't like the looks of the Panamera, but those who do really admire it (and it's almost a unique shape, apart from the SD1 🙂). It is also an incredibly effective mile-eater, too (double-glazing, triple-sealed doors, etc) and the back seats might actually be a nicer place to sit than the front! Sorry for going off-topic.
  12. This is spot-on. Loved the concept (GT engine 😍), but the LHD killed it for me.
  13. LOL that SD1 reminds me of my Panamera 🙂
  14. From a video I have on the building of the Lotus, they worked with Bosch guys on the ABS/TC. Not sure if that helps, hopes it does.
  15. Unlikely. They fail all the time due to placing the condensers in the perfect place to either be destroyed by gravel, or rot out.
  16. Been thinking about blacking up my Lotus and Evora scripts, too. What did you use to do that? Plasti-dip doesn't work too well on chrome/aluminium, unfortunately.
  17. Thanks. Every day's a school-day!
  18. No there's more to it than that; they are just so damned nice to drive. I tried an Evora of out curiosity and it blew me away.
  19. Thanks, @agentdr8. The trickiest bit for me is finding a dealer who is not useless....
  20. How do you then program the key? I don't have the PIN code anywhere in my documents and Poole Lotus were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when I asked about it.
  21. Apparently the percentage of people who test-drive the Evora and then go on to buy one is huge; like unheard-of huge. The hardest part is getting people to test-drive them, of course......
  22. I do 12000 miles per year in mine (2010 NA) and it laps it up. I greatly enjoy it, too.
  23. Yes, a nice piece all round at last. What's the story of John Miles?
  24. I must be lucky with my 2010 (upgraded gear cables); the manual gearchange is great.
  25. Thanks, guys. Thinking of re-painting mine and anthracite looks nice.
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