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  1. I do wonder if the variable valve-timing won't struggle with such a thicker spec.
  2. Wouldn't have happened on a Porsche.....oh wait!
  3. One minor correction: Octane magazine actually stated that the Evora was the best hydraulically-assisted steering of any car, ever!
  4. Did some research: The big causes of spun bearings are: Bad tune causing detonation which hammers the bearings flat and screws up the clearances (more often than not a bad tune will crack a piston ringland before it will cause you to spin a bearing) Low oil pressure - this can be caused by low oil, a cracked oil pickup tube, or too much high lateral G driving pushing the oil to one side of the pan and starving the pickup tube Using oil that is too thin to protect the motor adequately
  5. Yes indeed, but it makes sense to stick to the "design language" of the Evija. There will be a queue for "OO7" 0 number plates, I bet!
  6. This is an artist's impression of the new Esprit:โ€˜espritโ€™-lead-lotus-expansion-plan
  7. At that price, I'd definitely want a 12-month warranty. Or you haggle it down on price and buy your own, if it's been for sale a while. It's not massively over-priced, didn't mean to imply that.
  8. Seems over-priced to me.
  9. I find my 2bular a little TOO loud, to be honest. Thinking of going back to standard (Sports exhaust) Must be getting old ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. That Octane piece was fantastic. Show it to everyone. Which month did the EVO article come out please? I missed it.
  11. Hardly a catastrophic list.
  12. Great assessment and a lovely-looking car.
  13. Pirellis seem really prone to this, especially in the winter. Wish my fronts were wear our quicker, so I can change them to Michelins ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. Just a wild guess, but I believe faulty batteries can do things like this. Try a different one?
  15. I wonder if clearing out the ventilation holes on the disks might improve this?
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