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  1. Completely agree. Worked very well for Porsche and I hope it works as well for Lotus. We don't have to buy/drive the SUVs, but we can enjoy the sports cars funded by their profits (just like happened with Porsche).
  2. Are you sure, Andy? It says "New dampers, firmer on compression at the rear and firmer on rebound at the front...." Sounds like slightly different dampers, to me.
  3. Somewhere in that thread someone says the 400 brackets are exactly the same. I would do it now, before it all seizes up.
  4. Bumping this thread for newer Evora owners. Having just had my aircon re-gassed, I'm definitely going to try to get some of these!
  5. They do look yummy, don't they? I have a set of Fuchs-type Braids on <a German make, what I is selling> and they are seriously light.
  6. Where does one get hold of these brackets and is there a how-to anywhere on doing this, please? I'd like to get this done before it's irredeemably bad.
  7. I personally thought it was a bit too loud, although that was with a cat-bypass and sports exhaust. However, if you like loud, it sounded good.
  8. Braid will make to order. Look how light these are!
  9. EGTE

    Evora GT430

    Was a good guess, then. BTW, I've seen this work on aeroplanes (big ones....) 😯
  10. EGTE

    Evora GT430

    That does not sound good. I wonder if a 10-minute battery disconnect might work (bit desperate)?
  11. EGTE

    Evora GT430

    What do they do if you drive the car?
  12. EGTE

    HOW rare?!?

    They're so rare that even at the Lotus-club meeting I attended the other day, no-one had ever seen one before! Your numbers also explain why I never found the NA Sports Racer I wanted 🙂
  13. Was a great meeting, thanks - feel thoroughly introduced to the Lotus fraternity, now!
  14. Welcome, David. I think the cost of ownership really isn't that bad. Fuel economy/road tax/servicing all pretty cheap, if you ask me. The big problems (as you well know) are rarity and desirability, both of which lead to strong residuals. This is however a good thing, as it means low depreciation, which means good cost of ownership. Great that you've got a long-term plan and I can highly recommend you stick to it; it will be worth the wait!
  15. Thanks for the tip; I might well go to that. What time do they meet?
  16. Only had mine a few days, but man people love this in a way no Porsche driver will ever know! Even seen-it-all mechanics come out and take pictures/want to sit in it! Wonderful difference from ze German wagens!
  17. Hi James, All I would say is, don't discount the earlier cars (or NAs), especially those with Premium Packs. Yes the later ones have improvements, but TBH once you drive any of them (and I tested a few...), you just don't notice any difference! I bought a 2010 NA on an AU plate and it was a management car (not Press demonstrator). Seems plenty good enough to me (and I do like performance!).
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