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  1. 16 hours ago, Spinney said:

    My GT410 Sport, despite having an eyeball rattling ride quality over rough surfaces (as mentioned in another thread) doesn’t have the same problem as yours, so I would suggest it’s a bit of a cop out to say it’s a track car and there’s nothing you can do about it. Mine are the same brake callipers as yours so they clearly don’t all do it.

    Do you know if the problem goes away when you lightly touch the brakes in order to push the pads against the discs very slightly whilst driving over the rough surfaces? This should, at least, determine the truth of what the Lotus guy was saying. 

    If it goes away when trying that, thus pointing to the brakes as the cause, how about contacting AP-Racing customer services to see if they can suggest a cure?

    If it were mine and AP can’t suggest a fix, I think I’d be inclined to swap out the pads and shims to see if that fixes it. Whilst that shouldn’t be necessary, at least it’s a relatively cheap thing to try first. 

    My thoughts on the "track car" comment as well. Yes it does go away if I touch the brakes, so I believe he is correct. I may well try the pads/shims and the mechanic at the dealer is in the process of contacting AP racing as well. Thanks for reply.

    14 hours ago, exeterjeep said:

    I would not call the GT410 a track car, like the powerful Exiges etc - they are certainly more track focused. 

    Can't say I have noticed the same thing on my 430, I could meet you at Hendy sometime and take you out on the same local roads you have most noticed this on and see what you think. Mine say AP racing, but don't know if they are the same as yours.  I have a part on order but don't know when it is due in. (should be in by now)

    Correct, Keith; it's not a track car. Very kind offer to compare your car's effects with mine; do please PM me and I'll take you up on that!

  2. Does anyone else suffer a nasty, metallic rattle through the steering/suspension when driving over poor/coarse tarmac? My GT410 does and it got so annoying that I took it to my nearest dealer. I could feel the rattle through the steering wheel, so I was concerned something serious was wrong. It has done this from day one.

    The dealer has tried really hard, to be fair, including removing re-packing the dashboard and they have spent many hours tearing the car down to no avail.

    Finally some trouble-shooter guy from Lotus came down and pin-pointed it as being a "feature" of the large AP-racing brake callipers! These have only one sliding pin for the pads and the pads can vibrate slightly over such road surfaces, producing a nasty, metallic sound/force through the suspension and steering.  Lotus guy said it should be expected from "what is basically a track car" and that nothing could be done about it. 


    I'm really pissed off, to be honest. I bought the GT410 hoping for something softer than the hard-core Evoras and more like the NA in terms of road manners (NA had 2-pin callipers and was better in braking in every way), not something you grit your teeth with on much of my local tarmac.


    Anyone else have/had this issue? If so, does anyone know of a cure? It is f. annoying and in danger or ruining the car for me totally, so any advice appreciated.  It would be handy to know just how common - or not - this is.

  3. To add to Bendonian, my S1 had a Lotus Sports Exhaust, 2Bular bypass pipe and the BOE CAI and it was bonkers loud; almost painful.  That's why I sold it (to Bibs); the combination was way too loud.

    Couldn't feel any difference in performance with it removed, but at least my ears no longer bled on WOT.

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