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  1. Price now reduced and advert updated. £30990 Many thanks Gavin
  2. Advert now modified with updated photos of matt black refurbished wheels.
  3. Thanks all for the support, advice and kind words, most appreciated. New photos with only the black wheels will hopefully be taken today and listings updated. I agree that I was initially undecided about the updated wheel colour, my initial desire was personally to have them done in a matt dark grey but after a discussion with the wheel refurb company we decided that the matt black would simplify the look and tie in better with the black accents and perhaps be better for resale vs my own personal preference. I must say that I am over the moon with the change to matt black wheels, it looks fantastic and brings real presence as the updated photos will hopefully illustrate. @Techyd & @Jovver agreed, it is/was not uncommon for Lotus to make small errors with the registrations, when I insure the car I just make sure that the insurance company are fully aware that it is a NA and they adjust quotes accordingly with no issues. Any other queries please ask away Gav
  4. My post above which links to my car advert on seems to have been removed, is this thread only for externally advertised cars? I thought this thread was a good resource to capture all Evora's on the market but apologies if I have posted against the rules?
  5. Thanks Jep, I totally agree. New photos as soon as I get chance. I doubt I'll have the opportunity today, family day in the sunshine planned 😎
  6. 2011 Lotus Evora NA IPS 2+2 (Sport / Tech / Premium) £32500ovno Please feel free to ask any questions below. Thanks, Gav
  7. My Evora is now listed for sale..... £32'500ovno I did list back in March but quickly changed my mind and decided to keep it for my Summer road trip to Le Mans Classic. Now back on the market, in rude health and ready for its next owner to enjoy 😀 Please note, wheels are now matt black (as mentioned in advert and as per the last photo) Thanks Gav
  8. Brilliant thanks for the information, I wasn't aware that was how it worked 👍
  9. The Yellow IPS you refer to might be mine? I advertised on Pistonheads a couple of months back, it was advertised at just under £33k. I bought it's replacement immediately and quickly decided to take it off the market so that I could keep it until after Lemans Classic which is first weekend of July. The car will be re-advertised for sale in the coming months. Anyone who is in the market please feel free to contact me in the meantime, happy to provide details and chat about it but won't sell until first week of July. Thanks Gav
  10. Another source, SELOC Wiki says £818.99 for Sports Exhaust.
  11. Thank-you all for the kind comments. This Solar Yellow Evora is mine. I have tried to price it fairly in the current market and it is an absolutely lovely car in great condition with sought after options. I am a long term Lotus fan having previously had a Westfield (Lotus 7) and a heavily modified 1970 Lotus Elan+2, both as daily drives 😆 I haven't been active on this forum but have been on others over the years. I'll check back in to this thread and my DMs if anyone has questions but I'm also responding to the emails via Pistonheads.
  12. Hi Jerry, That's me and your sister is correct about the loud and smelly! That looks like I've just collected my boy from School. I guess that photo is taken from the flats above the café? Gav
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