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  1. Electric chargecooler pump gave up. There is a new Bosch 317 gph (5.3gpm) pump going in today. We are thinking that the fueling issue may be a combination of things. Will start fresh tonight looking at fuel pressure again. With the cam timing change, one would expect less vacuum at idle, but does not really explain it rich across the rpm range (unless the FPR is having issues) Will update as we go... Thanks again guys. Craig
  2. Put some fresh Ngk's in a week ago with no real change. New Genuine wire set, new coils. Tom and Randy supplied one of the pulleys with the long block and the other came from my original aux drive. I'll admit, the paint marks on the one they sent were faded/gone, but seemed to check out per Tim's 9xx cam pulley mop and timing dots article. It was quite a long time ago though. Will recheck. Did you see anything off in the timing column? Belt/pulley changes should only take an hour or so now with no vac pump and no a/c. Best pic I have on file...
  3. Just the turbocharger specs. Lost or not, I think this could be a lesson for us all. As much searching as I have done, I have yet to stumble across a similar problem. I can hardly see straight anymore.
  4. Oh Great, Powerful, Wise, Weapons grade autistic Hive.... Need some help figuring out why my 1990 SE is running so rich. HC's and CO are way too high at idle and worse at 2500. As you will see, the car is trying hard to pull fuel. Won't even pass the two stage idle test. A little background... Car received a reconditioned long block sourced from the boys in Florida after the timing belt lost some teeth. Rotating assembly was fine, but the top end was done. Of course, the pop and drop on the motor turned into a two year process of 'improvements'. I'll give you the short list; some of it was in place before the transplant, and some of it is new to this build. Original config: GT2871R w. .64a/r hot side and .60a/r .56trim/71mm cold side. Dual BB chra. ATP ultimate internal wastegate setup. Was running a 1 bar actuator and Hallman mbc back then. (original exh manifold) Five-o 370cc primaries and 270cc secondaries. #6 code from WC (years ago I had sourced the red chip from another vendor and it was corrupt. John helped me many moons ago with a replacement chip, but I have absolutely no idea of it's details/targets. it's a 278A prom ID and seemed to behave like a #6 should before the engine swap). It would quick pass emissions in this configuration every two years. 3" Lh exit exhaust with ATP 100 cell cat. WC chargecooler pump Greddy type RS bov Throttle jack and EBPV garbage removed There is a really long list of other chassis stuff, but none of it would contribute to fueling, or had anything to do with the engine bay, so I'll try to keep it short. denso iw22 plugs New items adding during the motor swap: Green dot pulleys on both cams A/C is completely gone. Condensor, compressor, drier, lines are now on a shelf. Vacuum pump conversion to Hella UP28 for heater controls and brake booster only. Latest Alunox manifold, same turbo, but now back to ecm wastegate control with new garrett 6-7psi capsule set as close as humanly possible to .65bar, and rh exit. All 3" bits. Latest Alunox chargecooler Five-O 380cc EV-1 green top primaries (same 270cc secondaries as before) All ohm out in spec. 26"x7"x2" radiator for chargecooler circuit. Every hose/line/fitting on both engine and cc circuits are new Again, a bunch of other stuff on the chassis that has nothing to do with engine management. I recorded this log today. Coldish start, warm up to 80C, a couple minutes of normal surface street driving, a few wfo hits, and then I tried my best to keep it at light pedal at or slightly above 3k rpm. (Just happens to be it's most pissed off moments). Aside from overfueling and the lack of ability to deal with it at light throttle cruising at or above 3K, it runs stronger than I have ever known. Hopefully, smarter people than I can decipher why it's running so fat. Compression is good, valves are spot on, fuel pressure(s) are right. cam timing is right. No restrictions prior to turbo. No faults. My laptop that was running Freescan took a dump, and have had good success with TunerPro comms on windows 10. My brain is toast hunting this down. Data needs a fresh set of eyes. One thing in specific I was hoping someone could answer: Of the VERY few non-a/c cars, I know that they utilized a couple more pins at the ecu. Can anyone confirm why? I can't image it having anything to do with this issue, but thought I would at least ask. Fan control is normal/optimal. Thanks very, very much in advance! Car is scheduled to participate in the Race Against Kids Cancer July 29th at HPR. I'm alright with it running fat for the event, but still need to get it plated again, and sooty bumpers are stupid. Craig 718run2.csv
  5. Working now. Thanks very much Bibs!!
  6. So... what SHOULD be in the drop down box that I posted as blank in the image above? Been through all the browsers/devices at my disposal with all caches clean home/office/mobile etc... Guess I could just try delete the vehicle and start over, but wanted to avoid that.
  7. Still nothing... Any updates? Thanks, Craig
  8. Tried multiple browsers, multiple PC's and also mobile device. Same issue regardless. . Also cannot delete old pictures attached to my vehicle... pretty much anything that would require me to hit the 'save' button at the bottom of the edit vehicle screen/images etc., will not work. Hope that helps Thanks again, Craig
  9. No go... This is all I see. Nothing to select. Thx
  10. Was this resolved? Having the same issue as of April 2017. Thanks!
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