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  1. Yes, ssbc makes one available from summit racing, but requires a relay for switched ground
  2. I grabbed the accumulator off a Series II Discovery secondary air injection system for good measure.
  3. Thank you both for the update. Just to confirm; we should expect contact from Anita directly to arrange payment sometime early next week? Craig
  4. Hi Lars, It's just a Hella UP28, but packaged in a nice bracket, and I was able to scavenge the required section of vacuum tube at the same time to make install easier on the brain. You can see the UP28's specs here... Some folks may also recommend the UP30 Craig
  5. Electric pump from the supercharged Range Rover Sport now up front, and have converted to a two v-belt system with no a/c. So much room for activities! This should make the Alunox install a breeze, since the new motor will be stabbed before is shows up. stupid vacuum pumps... I've had mine fall off completely more than once. Craig
  6. I see this as a potential weak point in the weld, as well as a potential disruption in laminar flow. If I'm going to pony this kind of dough on a manifold, I want it to be perfect. If a switch to external wastegate is wanted, then I'd rather see those few manifolds compromised rather than the whole lot of Stevens orders. should the rest pay a penalty so the few can make a possible future change to external easier?
  7. I would really rather not have a blanked off external wastegate flange at all on mine for numerous reasons. Please don't compromise the Stevens manifold in any such way. Thx
  8. I believe his concern is that the image shows an internally gated turbo on a manifold that appears to be configured for an external setup.....
  9. Just to confirm the above post.... I just need the manifold. Thanks!!!
  10. ^^^^^^^ 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold (UK) 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car without cat, just pipe full system to include muffler ) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) 4) I'm adding @x180r19 to the list (Stevens SE, just manifold), since he is busy traveling right now 5) I'm adding @lewtus for a (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to Colorado in the USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? Make that three to Colorado! (where all the white cars live) Stevens SE. just manifold. Travis can find me, or
  11. Htown


    You've been spy'd on Barry Road! I'm told she sounded nice!
  12. You're not alone... No offense to anyone, but those things are garbage. Whoever at Lotus played a hand in developing this program should be kicked in the ding-ding. I laughed the first time I saw them... Those that know quality, know better- my .02
  13. pfffft.....
  14. Short answer? Yes, I have...same scenario, same actuator but on a .64a/r 2871R Just give it some more spring.... I use the Hallman Pro RX kit.
  16. Take a closer pic of that tag just behind the coolant line, or read the serial # of it....
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