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  1. Keep in mind, his setup is externally wastegated... fwiw-
  2. Just make sure to install it before you sell me the car ;^) On a similar note, I always thought the layout of the stock SE/S4 etc... intercooler was strange, like the charge air stays in the intercooler too long. Kind of like a vertical flow air to air vs side flow air to air debate. I have a PWR 02506062 stitting at home just waiting for me to get off my butt and install. might make a good comparison thread when it's done. Stock vs. BIG bad boy vs. PWR etc... fwiw-
  3. Just curious, Has anyone measured CFM capability, pressure drop and inlet/outlet charge air temp(s) on this or a like unit? Craig
  4. Buy it. They are made from unobtainium, and can always be used as a core... my .02
  5. Htown

    Sound Clips
  6. At 34.6 lbs each, let's hope not edit:
  7. If I understand correctly, you are picking up the boost gauge signal from the hose that runs from the wastegate solenoid to the wastegate actuator? This is not a consistent manifold pressure pickup point to run a gauge off of, rather a manipulated signal as a result of the solenoid. I would 'T' it into the line for something like the fuel pressure regulator for example. ie, a non modulated vacuum/boost signal. Anyone?
  8. Car looks great Artie. Next time I'm in Lees Summit, I'll have to check it out.
  9. I have the GSD3's as well, in 285/35 and 245/35's. No dry traction problems at all, and no rubbing. They fronts are just barely shorter in overall diameter than the 235/40's. The clutch will go up in smoke before a tire breaks loose with that wide of rear. They do break loose in the wet, but only at full tilt boogie. Compared to other tires in those sizes, they do pretty darn good in the rain. I highly recommend them as well.
  10. Something else to consider... Do they fit YOU? In my search for seats, I narrowed the search to obviously what would fit in the car first, and then which one of the those options gave me the best fit and driving position. My OMP RS PT2's fit like they were molded around my skinny *ss. They are hard mounted with OMP hc/730's. All of which still have quite a few years left of FIA certification. They are quite a pain to live with daily, but that wasn't important to me. The Original seats were pretty darn light as far as oem seats go, and short of carbon and it's many derivatives, there's really not a whole lot of weight to be saved with any of the options once the brackets are figured in. Find one that fits and feels good.
  11. Though I cannot really help with the dry-sump q's.... We need to see more of this car... LOT"S MORE.
  13. The valance is going bye-bye in lieu of a current diffuser project. It's all v-banded, and I have a muffler and rh exit tailpipe for it now that all swaps in a few minutes.
  14. Well, if loud and high flow are good.... You should hear it with the test-pipe in place...
  15. Any1 have any pictures of how the external wastegate (and related plumbing) is integrated into the exhaust system in the earlier Turbo's? Also, were the earlier turbo manifolds twin pulse like on the SE? Still pondering a full twin scroll, GT series setup. TIA! Craig
  16. Sorry, should have clarified... 1.0bar is obtainable with the factory chip. I'm not gonna contribute to half the Esprit community smoking their stock turbos, so I'll leave out how to see 1bar. The dyno pull was with stock SE memcal and code, and a test pipe. Everything else was as it left the factory. I run a modified #6 code now, and the current turbo can support 47lbs/min at 1.25bar. That run was a few years ago, and yes, charge air temps are a problem with the stock T3, evidence by the the fall off above 6500rpm. As far as internal mods? Bottom end is still stock. For now. Top end is gasket matched only. Most of everything else is in my garage.
  17. That's at the rollers brother, and having built my first 10 second car in 1992, means it ain't my first rodeo on the dyno. The Dynojet 248x really has no way of calculating crank numbers. I'll save the driveline loss debate for another day, but sorry, and I've said it before... ~22% is ridiculous. That's Audi quattro territory. Yes, it was in overboost, 4th gear pull. It did have a Quicksilver cat delete at the time but still had the ebpv. I had the car base lined at the wheels for a reason, and I'm well aware of the factory claims. It's much crazier now... Now, that all being said... I think Arite's car will probably post numbers at the wheels that could vary "substantially" in either direction. It needs dyno tuning, not just dyno pulls. The right timing makes all the difference. A dyno pull is just a snapshot in time under certain conditions. As many of us know, Modded Esprits have both their good days and wtf days. It happened, I was there, believe what ever you want, but not having had your Esprit on the dyno... please don't be so quick to assume...
  18. As much as I'd hate to disappoint... So does a stock 4-pot...
  19. Sounds like a pain in the D*$K...,53,363
  20. Ignition cylinders are usually affixed with some kind of 'shear' bolt. They always need to be replaced. Did the new cylinder come with hardware?
  21. Just a word of caution... Stock turbos don't like 1.25bar for very long.
  22. The problem I found under increased boost levels was adjusting the spring tension slowed the valves reaction as well as limited the volume it could flow... Even the popular HKS ssqv is only reccomended on applications up to 18psi. Needless to say, I was less than impressed with the Bailey's construction after taking mine apart. And yes, It leaked.
  23. Yes... Having tested a few myself. I settled on a Greddy type RS.
  24. Nothing serious...some autocross, mostly track-days... Does it get hot enough back there? I know my car spits fire...
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