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  1. It's all apart right now for just that, but sort of copying the 355 Challenge F-cars
  2. Nope...the rear compartment was the next thing to go. Have spent plenty of time re-routing airflow thru the engine bay/rear compartment Just playing Devil's advocate....Someone has to not like it...right?
  3. I don't get it.. my cover has been in the basement for three years now...where it belongs
  4. Nope, I'm still waiting for you to finish yours. Hint, hint. Craig 90SE
  5. Hatch does not appear to be any different from an SE....See thumbnail pic above.
  6. Open the image with 'Paint' Choose 'stretch/skew' from 'Image' section of dropdown menu. Enter a smaller percentage value in the 'horizontal' and 'vertical' sections. Then re-save. check the size of the photo by right-clicking and choosing 'properties' Craig
  7. My new toy, Bailey can't keep up with the t3/t450e... Now, hurry up Mr. UPS man. Craig 90SE
  8. Stupid arguement... They are both very good, and very different cars....
  9. Just measured the springs off of Karmavore's S4...done quickly, so I might be off a 16th here and there.... Front: length=13.5" 1/2" stock Top OD=3&5/16's" Top ID=2&3/8's" bottom OD=4&1/8" bottom ID=3&1/4" Rears 1/2" stock length=12" OD=4&1/4" ID=3&1/4" Craig 90SE
  11. Try hunting down Lew(sometimes on this site) or Jim here in Colorado... both have X180R's... Craig
  12. I have a very similar turbo on my SE.... custom.55a/r .58trim t3 turbine w/ .60a/r .50 trim t04e compressor... On a track car, the 50trim cold side is just perfect, because you are practically on the cam all of the time. However, I would not want this setup on a street car due to the lack of low end (at least compared to the factory turbo). I don't drive her much on the street though, and when I do, I drive like a granny. If I were looking for a turbo for the street, I'd look at a smaller GT series Garrett. Also, be very careful with clipped turbine wheels...effieciency goes out the window quickly when you clip the hot side. Craig 90SE
  13. I think Travis has one on his SE.... I'm sure he will chime in when he sees this... Craig 90SE
  14. A 44lbs. deep cycle battery? No thanks... If you think you really need a deep cycle, then look at the Odyssey's. They generally weigh in around 20lbs less than an equivalent Optima... Craig 90SE
  15. That sounds like quite the potential rat's nest of wiring... Have you considered a stand alone engine management system? There are many out there for waste-spark setups, that provide much more flexibility than the factory ecu. Somehow I imagine much of the 'se' spec parts becoming hard to find as well. If scarcity of parts is your concern; do you really want to go through it all again when the se stuff gets hard to find? etc., etc., Craig 90SE
  16. I run Denso IW22's in my 90SE (one step colder than the stock heat range), and IK20's in my Audi S4 (stock car, stock heat range). The direct replacement for the NGK BPR6EKN's are IW20's from Denso. I've never been a big fan of multiple tipped plugs, so I went with the Densos. As far as a feeling a difference between plugs, I really doubt it. The Densos are just more easily available for me in the correct heat ranges I need. fwiw- Craig 90SE
  17. With the exception of maybe a handfull of big money exotic cars, i think pretty much all cars suck from the factory. This is why I am broke all the time.
  18. Not that I know of, but if my stocker ever takes a dump, then in goes a 20b 3rotor. Craig
  19. Originally between the chargecooler exit flange and secondary injector plenum, now it is further downstream on the intake plenum. Craig
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