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  1. First thing i would check is the condition of the rubber lines that come off of the compressor section of the turbo, and from the wastegate capsule bolted to the turbo housing. If one is damaged or has come loose, your symptoms can arise. Actually, it's probably just a good idea to replace them anyway. Even if they look intact, there can be a split in the rubber, and cause the car to overboost. As far as the boost control solenoid goes...Open up the rear hatch, and you'll see a removable vertical panel held in by a few screws. The top part of the panel usually has a sticker that says something like 'FUEL PUMP CUT-OFF SWITCH' or something. Remove this panel and you'll see the following. Sounds like a boost hose leak to me though... Craig
  2. One more...they are slowly coming in...
  3. WTF? edit....Never mind, I get it. yup, I'm slow
  4. Link to some pics from yesterday's event at SCR...after the rain started. Lew Gaskell's X180R, Jim Collins' X180R, my 90SE and Dave Cultip's 89... Should have some track pics later... Enjoy, courtesy of Travis' website... Craig
  5. I had the vaccum pump literally fall off a couple of years ago ...exact same're in the right spot. Craig 90SE
  7. What do I think? Sh*t!, look at that thing! Top of the Esprit food chain as far as I'm concerned! The doors/1/4 glass, rear windows(3) are perfectly street legal. (at least where I am they are) the windscreen is not of course though. Plus, polycarbonate does not have as good of optics as glass. I don't drive the SE much on the street though, so no big deal. I'm not too familiar with the G cars, so i can't really comment on compatability.
  8. Spherical bearing...aka 'rod end' aka 'heim joint'...aka 'rose joint' etc...,40,363 Craig
  9. The 'supercoat' polycarbonate from SHIELDS CO., have a 30% reduction in hazing compared to 'regular' polycarbonate. fwiw- Craig I'm in the begining steps of doing all four windows in the doors, both 1/4 glass, and SE decklid glass.
  10. I used to run Valvoline VR-1 20/50 will no ill affects. valvetrain might be a little noisy on cold mornings though...
  11. On the street, maybe 35-40miles a month...I live real close to work, and the track, and usually drive my Audi S4. On the track, maybe ~100-150miles a month aprox 6-8 months of the year.
  12. Yes, but my car sees VERY little street use...
  13. Here is what I've been using... Basically a 15-50. Not really advised for street use though...lack of detergents... fwiw, Craig
  14. This may help you decide which one is best for your scenario.... fwiw- Craig
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