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  1. I prefer to have first feedback from Lotus drivers. As a potential customer I am looking for reviews from customers not from the company who sell the product. 😉
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I still have a few questions: Which kit do you have? The one from Hangar111? Did the failure come from a reliability issue or was it damaged by a stone? Did you mount a gauge to monitor the temperature and confirm this kit brings a significant improvement? Thanks!
  3. Back to the original subject. Can people who have installed a gearbox oil cooler provide some feedbacks? Did it resolve gear shift issues you had in the past? I heard that the pump of the komo-tec kit is making some unpleasant noise. Can I have more information about that? What about Hangar111 solution? I read GFWilliams comment saying the position might not be ideal. Any other solution on the market? How many labor time should be accounted for fitting a such kit? Thanks!
  4. Hello Alias23, did you finally install a gearbox oil cooler? If yes did it resolve your issues? Which gearbox oil cooler did you choose? Thanks!
  5. Why do you say that yours should not make any noise? I am also about to buy NTR 40 mm clubsport but I am concerned to end up with the same issue than the one mentionned int his thread...
  6. I thought the air filter was standard. Then it makes sense.
  7. What is the lifetime of a such filter? In case I buy your system I would like to have an extra air filter so I can easily switch while I am cleaning the other one. So again, do you have a reference to provide? Thanks
  8. Hello alias23, Can you please indicate the reference of the air filter that is used? I have some limited technical skills and I wonder how this setup can affect the reliability of the engine especially the compressor? Could it accelerate engine/compressor wear? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  9. Gearbox oil changed to Motul 75W140 and went this morning on a track to do some testing... Alleluia!!! Problem solved! I did 30 laps and did not have any gear change issue. Today is a good day for me as I finally have the car performance that I was looking for many months now...
  10. Would be nice to have some pictures of the kit installed. 😉
  11. I am sure you know what I meant when I replied to BfranklynV6
  12. The user manual specifically mentions that you can use your Lotus on track so why did they refuse the warranty application? Overrev?
  13. Unfortunately this is in direct contradiction to a sport/race car...
  14. Fuel cap leak! Known issue from anyone? It looks like the cap does not correctly stick to my car. I tried with another cap from an Elise Cup 250 and it sticks much better. I noticed the gasket was different. Does someone know where I can find another gasket to try? Thanks!
  15. Hello, Dealer did bleed the clutch and aligned again the gear cable. Unfortunately it did not solve the issue... I called another Lotus dealer who was aware of this issue and told me that changing the gearbox oil to Motul 75W140 fixed the issue for his customers. This will be the next step.
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