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  1. 28 minutes ago, Wilbert Camshaft said:

    Seriosly...., whatever to plan to do with your Lotus , ask KomTec what they recommend!

    These guys are the best thing that can possibly happen to anybody owning a Lotus! I will pick up mine on 20.02.2020...... (459 PS, 491 NM)


    I prefer to have first feedback from Lotus drivers. As a potential customer I am looking for reviews from customers not from the company who sell the product. 😉

  2. 16 hours ago, alias23 said:

    The actual improvement to the gear shift can only be achieved by a retro fit of the 350 Sport+ gear shift. I think you have a 350 already so you have the shifter, the gearbox cooler would be a complimentary items to help manage those track day conditions and longevity of your gearbox.

    My gearbox cooler is located under the car (vent in under tray) I was worried about the design being prone to damage and unfortunately mine did fail and required a replacement. The replacement came with additional mesh and shielding which has proved a good enhancement to the design. That said if I was to do it again, especially with enlarged side scoops, I'd be going with a solution which housed the cooler in the actual side vent which I think would be slightly safer and create more airflow for cooling. Another alternative is to forget all coolers and go with a Laminova setup.

    Thanks for your feedback. I still have a few questions:

    Which kit do you have? The one from Hangar111? Did the failure come from a reliability issue or was it damaged by a stone?

    Did you mount a gauge to monitor the temperature and confirm this kit brings a significant improvement?


  3. Back to the original subject. Can people who have installed a gearbox oil cooler provide some feedbacks? Did it resolve gear shift issues you had in the past?

    I heard that the pump of the komo-tec kit is making some unpleasant noise. Can I have more information about that?

    What about Hangar111 solution? I read GFWilliams comment saying the position might not be ideal.

    Any other solution on the market?

    How many labor time should be accounted for fitting a such kit?


  4. On 18/10/2018 at 17:29, alias23 said:

    What I did find annoying at Donington was the gear shift, as many will have read I already have the SSC cables, however on this recent trip I found it becoming a problem. My oils are changed every 3-4 track days so generally always fresh oil. I am suspecting I need the gearbox oil cooler as a next step so will be having one installed soon

    Hello Alias23, did you finally install a gearbox oil cooler? If yes did it resolve your issues? Which gearbox oil cooler did you choose?


  5. 2 hours ago, alias23 said:

    The filter is somewhat special to my spec hence I needed to commission a very big order to get them made. 

    Typically maintenance is once a year and the filters life span circa five years depending on conditions of usage. Lots of info on ITG FAQ.

    Happy to sell a spare filter at time of purchasing a kit but I don’t feel it’s necessary. Note we are sold out on this batch but may look to re open a second batch later in Sept. 

    I thought the air filter was standard. Then it makes sense.

  6. 1 hour ago, alias23 said:

    Do you mean which air filter element do I use? If so its a commissioned item from ITG.

    What is the lifetime of a such filter? In case I buy your system I would like to have an extra air filter so I can easily switch while I am cleaning the other one.

    So again, do you have a reference to provide?


  7. Gearbox oil changed to Motul 75W140 and went this morning on a track to do some testing... Alleluia!!! Problem solved! I did 30 laps and did not have any gear change issue.

    Today is a good day for me as I finally have the car performance that I was looking for many months now...

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  8. Fuel cap leak! Known issue from anyone?

    It looks like the cap does not correctly stick to my car. I tried with another cap from an Elise Cup 250 and it sticks much better. I noticed the gasket was different. Does someone know where I can find another gasket to try?




  9. Hello,

    Dealer did bleed the clutch and aligned again the gear cable. Unfortunately it did not solve the issue...

    I called another Lotus dealer who was aware of this issue and told me that changing the gearbox oil to Motul 75W140 fixed the issue for his customers. This will be the next step.

  10. 8 hours ago, Maxi_z said:

    The clutch fluid and brake fluid use the same reservoir

    When using the car on track and the brake fluid get warm it could also heat the clutch fluid and make the clutch slighly less effective

    If you use castrol srf it will be better and even if the difference is not that much everything is useful to make that not so perfect gearchange better

    On my exige I went for stiffer engine mounts redline mt90  gearbox oil and castol srf  and everything made it a little better

    I had the same kind of problem shifting into second one or two times when car was cold and also one or two times in 4th when on track and I did not went yet after using the castrol srf but I have to say that even on street the clutch pedal feels slightly stiffer and the gearchange better


    @Maxi_z I used Castrol srf and gearbox oil has also just been changed. My dealer asked for some guidance to Lotus. I'll keep you informed...

  11. 1 hour ago, Maxi_z said:

    Do you know if your oem cables were already the same spec as the latest 380 cup ones?

    I was told that the lates ones are almost as good as the ssc ones.


    replace the brake fluid and clutch fluid with something better as castrol srf or motul rbf 660 and make sure there is no air in the clutch system.

    I don't know about the oem cables. Will need to check with the dealer.

    Brake/clutch fluid has just been replaced.

  12. 8 hours ago, GFWilliams said:

    Highly likely the cables just need adjusting a bit. They’re quite sensitive and go out of alignment occasionally.

    I can change gears without any issue when engine is cold. I experience the issue only after driving the car for 20-30 min intensively (on track). I have some concern regarding how the dealer will be able to properly re-adjust the cables if the car is not in track condition...

  13. On 16/12/2016 at 15:52, Gavin mckenzie said:

    Thanks for the reply.

    its completely fine stationary and at normal driving speeds it's only when the revs get to about the first red light indicator then it takes more time and a more pronounced push or pull to engage a gear, never noticed before because normally change gears before the lights as no real power increase that high up. It's not a major drama but if I was tracking it then it would be a deal breaker, I've just been missing a few gears at full twat and was embarrassing ?.

    I would like to track the car hens I was trying to find out if it's normal and just takes more time to select when racing or if I need to have it looked at which means an expensive ferry ride and stop over...

    @Gavin mckenzie did you solve your issue? My gear cables have just been changed and I still get the same issue than you. I suspect an adjustment is needed but I would like you to confirm how you solve your issue. Thanks!

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