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  1. Hi

    were you able to find the K4 ecu schematic ?

    im In need of the same to try and repair my ecu



  2. Hello Were you ever able to find a copy of the K4 schematic ? im in need of the same to try and repair my ECU thanks Stephen
  3. Hello With reference to the ECU in the attached photo I would like to open mine, in order to check for an visible damage caused by my VVC solenoid Coil going short circuit, however, since it has no visible screws or fixings I’m unsure how its intended to open....Being a die cast aluminium box im very cautious not to cause damage.. Has anyone opened one of these ??, if so i would appreciate a little guidance on how its achieved Thank you Stephen
  4. Thanks for your reply I have check the voltage on the Camshaft 2 sensor wires, and with the ignition ON, Im seeing Yellow with Violet tracer and -Ve - 20 mv Black with White tracer and -Ve - 20 mv Yellow with Violet tracer and Black with White tracer - 0v - This is probally the wrong way to check ? In any event, I have a feeling the voltage should be a lot higher than this ?? Im assuming the Yellow with Violet tracer is teh feed onto teh sensor with the Black with White tracer being the return - can anyone confirm this, and teh way im measuring the voltages Tha
  5. Hello I own a 2004 Lotus Elise S2 111S with the 1.8 K series engine. The car hasn't done may miles, approx 15K and has been serviced annually by the local Lotus Dealer in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Unfortunately this dealer s no longer trading, and the car has now developed a issue.... While out on a run the car seemed to make a pop (or maybe a backfire) after which it started to misfire, and the engine light came on....Limping back home I have been able to attach a ODBC reader and download the fault codes P1302 : Boost Calibration Low P1301 : Boost calibration High
  6. Hello Re Ellise S2 - 2004 - with the Rover K Series engine. Im trying to confirm the part numbers of the pre and post cat O2 sensors.. I have read the BOSCH version is a better alternative, however im open to sugestions from other members Thank you Stephen
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