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  1. Thanks for the advice re the water ingress Gavin - will take a look though may have dried by now. Do you have to just get all the alcantara wet to remove a water mark? Had hoped these types of gremlins would be sorted with a 2014 car? re the paint crack, my paint shop had asked the question as it is looks like (in theory) it could be a flex point on the door and was concerned that if we fix it, the crack may come through again. But if no one else has had an issue, then likely something that is a one off so should be fixed (and will then stay fixed). cheers all!
  2. Hello all, I’m new to Lotus ownership, but suffice to say it’s been on the list about 15 years. Always loved the Elise (my second car was a GTM Spyder) but didn’t get the chance to buy an Elise before children arrived. So thank goodness for the Evora and I have both boys under the 5 foot 1 inch height requirement! And hopefully will for a while (they are 4 and 5 years old). It’s a 2014 grey 2 + 2. I bought it from Caterham Cars who had it as a trade in. Looked all round it, apart from stone chips, was pretty immaculate (only 10k miles on the clock). On the day I bought it, 2 weeks later, it was absolutely pouring down. Got it home, and noticed a small crack on the passenger side door, just below the glass. The question, has this happened to anyone else? There's no dent or anything else, and almost looks like it’s been bent from underneath, resulting in the crack in the paint? Caterham have admitted it wasn’t there when they took photos, but aren’t being helpful - yet. For now I’ll get some coloured wax, but not too impressed... Separate issue, again, pretty certain it wasn’t there when I agreed to buy the car. It looks like the central alcantara has a watermark on the passenger side. a) any suggestions how to get rid? b) anyone else had issues with water ingress around this area before? It was absolutely torrential weather in the car’s defence. Advice very welcome! And it’s a great car! Tim.
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