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  1. Doris the dog, are you selling the spare chassis you have....
  2. Simon, It was not that easy, the two bolts on the bottom, one came off the other stayed put. The top radiator hose was fowling the body, cables, vacuum hoses etc, the bottom brass radiator tube was fowling the body, the sides of the radiator were fowling the body. The radiator was too big to come out, I had to practically rip it out. It took nearly two hours to get it out.....
  3. Here's a question: are there more men that have walked on the surface of the moon than have taken out the radiator and air conditioning unit, out of a Lotus Elite....Second question: which was more complicated... Anybody done either, let me know. And you don't count if you have sawn the front off the car.
  4. Thanks all for the pointers, body off and the chassis looks in remarkable condition for a steel 45 year old one. Just surface rust to get rid of...
  5. Have undo all 16 bolts, car lifts a bit from the front but the back is stuck. Also is there an easy way of removing the steering rack!
  6. Could you tell more about the two weird hidden bolts in more detail and how you can get to them!
  7. So, I am looking at ten bolts to undo....
  8. Has anyone have experience in removing the body from a Elite, cannot find the page from my manual to locate the bolts for removal. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks, will try in the morning if the rain ever stops.....
  10. I thinking of restarting my Elite project again. Rear wheel is seized and I am having trouble moving it into the restoration garage. Any advice...
  11. Thanks, as you know the amount of time and money it takes to just restore the Mini is ridiculous! The lotus unfortunately isn't something I have the time for now. I have spend far too much time in the garage than I should have and it it time to sell to someone who has.
  12. Sorry, I ment I wanted to sell the Lotus Elite!
  13. Hello Peter, I want to sell my totally original (been stored for 38 years) Lotus Elite 1975, I have just run out of time to complete, let me know if you are interested. steve
  14. Sorry for the radio Silence! The car has Stalled some what. I bought a couple of Mini Mk1's and have just finished a complete restoration of the 1962 one. I am thinking of selling, would anyone be interested!
  15. No Dan I didn't, there was so much crap between the piston and liner that I would have been differcult to spot. I had to hit the liner on the side many times with a hammer to get the piston out i has accured to me after the strip down that you have to have lotus special tools to take things like the crankshaft pulley snouts off, I waited four days and paid £60 for the tool and have used it once for five minutes. Maybe we can set up a little rent "a lotus tool" thing on the forum. I would have been delighted if I could have rented the tool for £15.
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