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  1. This is the company I bought from
  2. Because you can buy new trim bits but cannot match EVERYTHING (because they do not make some of it anymore), I did mine in aluminium wrap. Only cost me £25 in all.
  3. All the interior is 100% original, the onlyvthing I have changed is the headlining, which as everyone knows falls apart.
  4. That's what I thought when I bought it, yes, all original. Lotus must have loved seeing this one going out the door....
  5. I know everyone likes some pictures, so here are some.
  6. Great News...After 34years the engine is running, Not run since 1986, thanks for everybody’s input. Had it running and had a leak in the header tank that had a few holes in that I welded, does anyone have one I could buy (don’t want a new one at a stupidly costly price). Also my fan motor is broken anyone know where I can get one from or alternatively has anyone got one I could buy. Just the brakes to bleed and I am looking for a drivers side caliper (thread on the original bleed screw has gone). Should be back on the road in a few weeks if all goes well.
  7. Tony, thanks for your help...I seem to be getting somewhere, set the timing, moved the dizzy, pulled the chock out fully and it spluttered into life for the first time in 34 years. Didn't actually run but closer than I have ever had it. Will do some carburettor adjustments tomorrow and go from there. Not going to set fire to it now after yours and everyone's help.
  8. The cam shaft is a D type spec 1, it should be timed at 115, but have tried that hundred times and does not work.
  9. It is not at all, pretty obvious which marks are used, no coloured dots on pulleys to go by, timing marks 115 and 100, all of which when set will not start the car. Can the inlet camshaft be put on the exhaust camshaft by mistake i.e. Swap them over. I have read and spent days on this and all I can deduce is mine are the only ones without dots and are either put on wrong inlet should be on exhaust or the pulleys are back to front. i have spend nearly 1000 hours on this car and I am stumped about what to do.
  10. Thanks Tony, so which is the timing mark that I use.
  11. Thanks, but my problem is I do not have any dots on my pulleys, red, blue or green. No dots at all are cast on them.
  12. Timing help please..... Does anyone know how to time the cam shafts without having any dots on them. I have D camshafts and have 110 and 100 markings on them but not dimples or dots. Distributer cam is the same, I think the camshafts have been messed with as I cannot get the car to run. Does anyone know how to set this up....
  13. Does anyone know how the panel dimmer rheostat works....mine does not pull or twist, or do anything, wondered how it was ment to work! This also might be part of my electrical gremlins....
  14. Thanks that really helps, the connector on the alternator has broken and so is not connected, so that answers a main question.
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