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  1. Want to sell my Elite, has been finished eight months few things still to do, but would make a great tinkering project.
  2. I covered mine with aluminum colour vinyl wrap, still looks good a year on. Only cost £30 and a few hours of middley work. The good thing about wrapping is everything looks exactly the same Steve
  3. I mentioned a few weeks back that a good friend of mine's brother had a dry sump Esprit turbo, Monaco white with red leather interior. If he wanted to sell would anybody be interested in buying....
  4. Hello, a good friend of mine's brother has a dry sump Esprit turbo, that is not on your list. 0966 Monaco white with full red leather. 2nd of 4 in total of that spec. 4 bolt split-rim 3 piece compomotive wheels. Roof stereo. It has been hiding in his garage since 1998 in Southampton.
  5. Are you still producing S3 carpet sets!

  6. The big problem I can see from all the pictures you have posted is the body work... The car will obviously need taking down to the gel coat and all the fibreglass repaired and rust dealt with. This will be very time consuming and if farmed out, will cost a lot. If you are going to do it yourself, you will need to know what you are doing and if you do, it will take months to complete (that’s assuming you are working full time on it). While doing all this you will not be working on the mechanicals. I have done the complete bodywork for my S3 Esprit and Elite and it is a time consuming skill. But having said that very very rewarding...
  7. Paul, Well done you...You are barking (but you already know that). Just make sure that you are doing all this work for yourself and know body else. It’s going to be expensive and will take time but don’t loose the fact that this is YOUR car and will be yours to enjoy. The best of luck. Steve
  8. Yes they do look good, the only thing I farmed out....cost only £65 per wheel.
  9. Just bought this on eBay, £20. Original Sparkmatic SR309F radio/cassette player, boxed and brand new.... Factory option for the Lotus Esprit S3 as per service notes manual.
  10. 235/60R/15 Saferich FRC26 98V £50.13 each 195/60R/15 Saferich FRC16 88H £30.70 each Delivery £26.00 I paid for two fronts, two rears including delivery £187.45
  11. Been told from Lotus archives that mine, A52 JEX was an ex company Lotus car as well. Lotus then sold there Company cars to The Norfolk Motor Group, Norwich (which is still printed on my original number plate).
  12. Funny seeing a car that has the next number plate to yours...
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