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  1. Yes but it took two attempts to get in to gear for me all 3 times.
  2. A year later, any noticeable improvement ? Ive had the issue from 2nd to 3rd only. High revs changing from 2nd to 3 rd and it struggles to select the gear (or I do).
  3. No problem, I saw one for £345 with no tyre on eBay, but good to know where I should aim price wise thank you 👍
  4. Out of interest what did you get for your old wheels (some man maths going on here) I'm budgeting around £300 a wheel sale price for very good condition diomond cut hobbies? hopefully I'm in the right ball park!
  5. Looks good, how much is the harness bar? After one of these and some belts. (unsure of how much to tighten, just really tight 😀) Cheers
  6. Did you find a solution at all? I need to lower the seat so I can fit in the car with a helmet on for track days, so the seat is going to have to be lowered.
  7. Great, will keep an eye on the events and get along to a meet 👍 Usually plodding around in an m3 for the daily sit in traffic but I'm sure I'll be out in the Lotus on sunny days.
  8. That's a long wait! Good history to know. It certainly looks clean, apart from the exhaust which is now shiny again. Hahaha, well priorities. Still grinning ear to ear, great cars.
  9. Thank you These cars look great for sure imho.
  10. What are the chances?! Low mileage and looks super clean, haven't seen one in silver and really liked it, good to hear it's a gooddun 👍 You will definitely see it again 😁 Great I'll get along for a meet for sure.
  11. I was thinking about removing the roof today actually with the sunshine we had, will look in to the conversion 👍
  12. Saying hello 👋 Picked up a lovely silver S3 Exige S today from Oakmere Lotus, ended up enjoying the long way home through the peaks 😁 It's my first Lotus, rather an impulse buy, blame autotrader and getting annoyed at Porsche! So lots to learn, hopefully this forum will be a source of banter, knowledge, some meets and driveouts etc! So far I love it, sensory overload 😀
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