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  1. Heartbreaking to read this thread. Don’t know where I would be with out this little shit ........... hope you manage the grief and make the best decision for your family
  2. I’m now trying to eliminate various noises in the cabin, one been the bulkhead knocking and one the centre vent carbon surround. It seems to constantly creak and squeak when driving and I think it’s rubbing against the dash vinyl. Has anyone had any luck with products that you can wipe on interior parts to stop the noise. I’ve heard dry ptfe mentioned ?
  3. I think I’ve managed to source 2. I’ll drop you a Message
  4. Yes it might be in pieces but I’d have more money to rebuild it again and not be reliant on other people
  5. The engine cost is a tricky one as if I had done the build myself I would have saved £8k in labour so that brings it down dramatically. And then if I didn’t use aftermarket and updated parts it would have been even less. And then if I had only replaced the 2 pistons and rods and crank I actually needed and didn’t have ARP head studs etc etc I reckon I could have done it for £6-7k
  6. You didn’t scare me off should have listened
  7. Gutted to hear this. His pain staking research and advice really helped me during My rebuild. RIP
  8. Thought I might add my thoughts to this ive owned a n\a Stevens , used a s4s For a weekend and now own a V8. In my opinion it all comes down to what you want the car for. The main reason I went for the v8 is that I wanted the later dash and the wider arch trims after the 1997 update. Petty I know but that’s what I hankered for so it was a gt3 or v8 but the gt3 didn’t have the arch trims and wider wheels. N/A - was a fab Stevens car in azure blue with cream leather. Didn’t feel very fast and was pretty rough but it was a nice car, it just didn’t feel like I imagined an esprit to
  9. I went for the Nankang NS2R tyres Andy and they feel really good. Good grip even in the wet and also great tread pattern looking on the wide rears from behind. They seem quite predictable and can break traction at will at the rear (bit of throttle pedal ) but in a controlled way . downside is they are pretty noisy and they are really really stiff on the sidewall
  10. Looks great. Did you make a custom moulding for the switches under the centre heater vent ?
  11. Anyone seen the sport 350 at the supercar rooms? Always keep my eye on things and noticed they have just dropped £10,000 of the price from £65,000 to £55,000. Big one off drop that So, do people think they were asking too much In the first place ?
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