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  1. Hi Robbie, yes if you could ping me some pictures over and how much your looking for I’d appreciate that. Ive finally bought all the parts and just waiting on the fuel tanks from Axminster so hoping to see it this year sometime
  2. Just wondered if anyone had any hiding in a shed after a round light conversion. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I can’t do the hot side of the turbos now as they are marked up,after the rebuild and can’t be split back down as it voids the warrenty. Choices choices. Mike S, loving the red exhaust manifolds
  4. Turbos refurbished and ready to go. Actuators were kept as they were as they were working fine.
  5. I think the price for a set of stainless headers for a v8 is over £1500
  6. With the refurb consisting of lots of new parts and blasted blocks etc the exhaust manifolds on my v8 are oooking a little worse for wear. Just wondered if anyone had any opinion or advice on ceramic coating. From what I can gather it looks better and helps take heat from the engine, however I worry that the extra heat will just be transferred to the turbos that are not intercooler in anyway so it’s ying and yang?
  7. Good luck Tom, my favourite colour for an esprit
  8. Cheers all. I’m hoping I can shave a little off the total but I am trying to be belt and braces on this. I’ll be in touch once it’s back in the road bibs about purchasing a full Lotac bush kit and the Lotac suspension pack. turbos are now at AET . Have been stripped and blasted and turned out one of them had a cracked middle section so new one on order. Fitting turbosmart actuators too. Looking around £1250 for the two rebuilding with the new actuators. Will post pictures once they are back
  9. Little parcel from JAE today. They have been really good to deal with and hopefully next week I can pick up the liners from Westwood and the engine build can commence. have just dropped the turbos in at AET turbos for a stripdown and quote on rebuild.
  10. I think the price for the post 98 tanks are comparable as they are a fair bit more expensive than the pre 98 v8 ones
  11. Happy new year to you all. I’m needing to order some fuel tanks for my 1997 V8 esprit. It’s actually a 98 spec car with the one filler. Looking online I can see that SJ sell them and also axeminster. Just wondered if there was anyone else and if anyone had any opinions on the best ones to get
  12. The Porsche is such a good car, has caused no bother in 40k miles , my wife loves it as she can only drive automatics and it has the fantastic pdk box. Get in it, off to the Nurburgring and back home with zero worries. bores me to tears, hence why I bought the Lotus. She is sitting all smug but the Lotus time will come. In the meantime I'm driving my metro around
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