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  1. It’s amazing how much room a stripped V8 engine takes up!!!!!!. The two black boxes have the block on one and the heads in another. The gearbox isn’t even in these pictures ! thats the huge garage I have to work on the car
  2. Got the clear lenses finished and waiting to go on with new clear side repeaters and front indicators
  3. She’s back. Not complete but back . Engine going to Mike S this week and I’m hoping to do some work on the car itself before taking it over to Germany for the engine fitting. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve driven the old girl . Hopefully more updates coming
  4. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I need the wheels off the car so the skates are no good for that
  5. I need to do some work on the esprit but my garage is pretty small (I’m going to have to take the door off and the frame out) just to get her in but it is a little wider inside. The problem is that if I have her dead in the middle it’s pretty tight either side. I’m considering getting 2 of these so I can roll the car side to side. Does anyone know if the jacking points would work with these? I don’t have my car at the moment so can’t check myself but want to hit the ground running when I get her back and get them ordered
  6. I’ve ordered new seals and gaskets for my V8 UN-1 and I’m wondering if anyone knows anyone around Yorkshire that could change them over. This is the kit I have is from GTO
  7. Can you not get one that plugs into the cigarette lighter ?
  8. Hi Alan, thanks for the link. I found the parts manual, it was more the service notes I was looking for.
  9. I can’t see them . I don’t even know where the members section is
  10. Does anyone know a good supplier of the workshop manual for the v8? I’m looking at doing a few jobs and would prefer some instructions before I start grinding bits off thank you
  11. Thanks Jacques for that detailed response. I agree with your comments on the Goodyear’s, I had both on a 911 and the older pattern felt much better. I had had a friend with a fiesta ST track car and he fitted some r888r tyres in 17” size and we travelled to the nurburgring which is around 600 miles each way, did around 10 laps and came home and they had worn much better than my old R888 tyres on my metro track car. The only thing was the road noise was really bad. They used to drone above 40mph. They were so loud that he even took it for new wheel bearings but it didn’t solve the sound. As soon as he changed tyres, sound gone my wifes boxster 981 runs 20” wheels and has PZero Rosso and they have been fantastic tyres. Very grippy, maybe 9000 miles from the rears. Really impressed. Would have gone for these if they had the correct size right, I’m off to look for some Toyo T1 sports. Thanks for the input
  12. Thanks for the replies, maybe I’ll try the toyo’s
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