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  1. Anyway, my wife has asked for her mode of transport back ....... 🧹
  2. Thinking of making some of these official looking lotus bonnet props. One size may fit all, but who knows. Definitely looks lotusesque £500 each
  3. Would you recommend just leaving the oil out.......or get a bike style scotoiler system that just tops it up 😂
  4. While I was digging up information for the rebuild on the car I’m still unsure where I will end up with the transmission. I’m hoping the current UN1 box will hold up for 12 months until I can comfortably afford a good rebuild on it with the strengthened parts as with the unexpected bills on the engine rebuild its pushed me well over budget at the current time. Ssshhhhhhhhhh with the UN1 mentioned as a bit of a weakness (although there isn’t many cases of knackered transmissions) I did hear rumblings regarding the Porsche conversion. i messaged Kennedy engineering who confirm they have a kit available to fit the boxster 987 S gearbox to the lotus v8 engine. The kit comes with bell housing, flywheel to,suit the lotus starter, pilot bearing and bolts at around $1800 and a performance clutch kit is around $850 to suit obviously the Boxster gearbox is not really made for huge amounts of torque and the kit does not include the custom items you would need to have such as driveshafts and gearbox mounts but I reckon they could be made for around $1000. I think you would also need the gear tick and cables etc. looking at it I think it would probably work out not far off the UN1 upgrade costs so is an option to consider in the future depending on feedback from the first couple of conversions. my main concern is that the few boxes listed on sites like eBay show a few gearboxes for spares........with blown 2nd gears!!!! Sound familiar 😂 just thought I would let you all know
  5. Haha, no Mike S had to fit a new dipstick tube as mine was knackered so that’s a bonus. It left Mike with the yellow ring on..........but didn’t turn up with it on 👎🏻
  6. Going through things to get ready for building everything back up I have noticed there are no gaskets between the turbo and exhaust. I have straight pipes with one silencer from the turbo to the back of the car so no cats, back box etc. How does it seek to the turbo? Gasket paste?
  7. SJ are open but I believe are on a skeleton staff as just spoke to Steve regarding the order Lotus factory is shut at present so can’t get anything that needs to come from there. good news is he has a 16mm ARB bad news is that it’s the last one so I can’t get it until he has some made from it 😭😭😭😭 no rush though, haven’t even heard the car fire up yet
  8. Gearbox bolted up, clutch arm clipped on and in she goes ........ I don’t know why it keeps flipping the images into the side
  9. The seal is just the standard one that GTO supply, not sure on the exact type ive knackered the seals again taking them out as they look too far in compared to the ones on my photos on removal of the box and also online photos where the dust lip seems to stick out from the gearbox about 8mm and mine were pretty much flush once I removed them I managed to get the lip over the step on the tool and think this might be the correct way to seat them these pictures show how I had it seated before have ordered new seals 😁🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Thanks all. Ordered one from SJ but no stock so awaiting the lotus factory to reopen 👍🏻
  11. Chris Weedon very kindly lent me the UN1 insertion tool that he owns and I’ve fitted the seals by using the corresponding collar but they seem like they are too far in the case compared to the old ones? there is a lip section of the tool once the collar is fitted about 2mm wide and I’m wondering if the lip of the seal should fit inside this section ? I’d didn’t look like they would as the diameter of the seal was m a fair bit smaller. I have the GTO seals and wondering if the tool is suited to the OE Renault seals ?
  12. Engine has arrived , minus the top of the dipstick tube 🙈. new front indicator lenses fitted while I was waiting now time to try and get the gearbox attached and in the car.
  13. Perfect. All fitted to freshen up the front . At least it’s a start of putting it back together
  14. Anyone know if it is a V8 specific part. Engine just turned up but unfortunately the dipstick is broken 🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. Finally got her on all fours 😂😂😂 need the engine behind the car to lift it in but Sod’s law its the wrong way round so having to push the car down the drive to get the engine past and then push her back up and hopefully load the engine in the car Really wanted the 97 style spoiler which my car has when I purchased the car.......but now I really like the look without, makes the car look so low and wide (and that’s without the engine in). If it didn’t have the holes in the car I think I would have left it off
  16. Anyone know the screw size for the front indicator lenses? Mine are measuring about 3.3mm ?
  17. I’ve just ordered a 16mm arb from SJ. I’ve Lotac bushed every bit of the car so would rather keep it a complete set. ill put the 15mm arb in the loft with all the other 1 off parts that seem to be fitted 🙈 thanks for the advice everyone
  18. Thanks Guys, I was pretty methodical labelling all the bolts etc that came off the car but I just didn’t know if I had pinged them off and forgot about them cables are already attached to the radius arm clips 👍🏻
  19. Just connected the handbrake cables back up and I’m sure they had a kind of C clip that held them to the caliper. I’ve looked at the parts diagram but can’t see anything listed. anyone any ideas ?
  20. It’s so frustrating that lotus haven’t addressed the variations in parts. That’s the rear radius arm bushes that needed modifying and then these ARB bushes might just bite the bullet and order a 16mm ARB as most V8’s should have. Don’t want to go for the 17mm s350 as I don’t have the stiffer springs and don’t want to promote under steer anyone got a 16mm bar? Can swap for a 15mm 😂
  21. My mitutoyo digi calipers have been used for 15 years solid and have stood up to loads of abuse. Very impressed
  22. I think he means did you just mask it up as one unit And then blast it or strip the gearbox into parts ?
  23. Yep only 1 bush listed to suit all models. mines a 15mm ARB but the bush is still listed the same.
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