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  1. can anyone with more knowledge than me take a look at the following and let me know your thoughts.  

    I had my esprit set up last year and that is the Center gravity sheet and last month a ball joint dropped down 10mm so I’ve had it fixed and a local company has set the car back up.  Thing is, they both seem to be different and there’s still a bit of red about on the parameters.  

    just curious as if I should ask for it altering or if it’s fine for road set up 



  2. On 05/03/2021 at 21:53, MrJP said:

    Ah well this is strange, I was just reading this thread and I realise that the star of the show (R475AAH) is actually the sister car to R482AAH.... the 1998 gold V8 GT press car.  (Nice photo Bibs!)

    I’ve been lucky enough to own the R482AAH for the past 15 years or so and the old girl still going strong.

    OP, when your car is back on the road we should get them back together again!

    That would be great 👍🏻.  Any excuse for a drive out 


    On 08/03/2021 at 19:38, dclare said:


    I’m still not convinced on my set up with the full Lotac Polybushes and Bilsteins as it does seem a bit crashy.  Waiting for Chris to sort his car out to compare........see you in 2025 😂😂

  3. 9 minutes ago, cweeden said:

    I am guessing an after market ECU provides much more freedom to tune for the specific car and modifications made to it. I am assuming (maybe incorrectly) that at the moment we only have the factory maps to play with when modifying the ECU which are a wee bit limited.

    I'm keenly watching the work @v8GTmac1 is doing with the Megasquirt.

    But haven’t the original ECU’s had lots and lots of hours development to get them the best they can be, or is it because of the compromises of emissions, gearbox warranty etc. 

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  4. Forgive my stupidity but What would be the benefit of having a new ECU system over the v8 one?  Apart from the limited supply of OE ECU’s?  

    the reason I used to use a Emerald was because the Rover Mems system at that point couldn’t be accessed and remapped unlike now which Kmaps are doing successfully.  

    the main tuning I guess on the V8 is by increasing turbo pressure which the standard ECU seems to be able to cope with using a reflash.  Is it because it is a set map rather than a custom map that self learns etc?


    if anyone has time to explain I would definitely appreciate it 

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  5. I’m still surprised that there isn’t an aftermarket solution to the ecu.  When I regularly ran K series engines it was a pretty simple affair with the Emerald ecu and a days rolling road.  I think I read the emerald can’t be used because of the number of injector drivers?

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  6. I’m now trying to eliminate various noises in the cabin, one been the bulkhead knocking and one the centre vent carbon surround.  It seems to constantly creak and squeak when driving and I think it’s rubbing against the dash vinyl.  Has anyone had any luck with products that you can wipe on interior parts to stop the noise. I’ve heard dry ptfe mentioned ?


  7. 2 hours ago, mike_sekinger said:

    If you'd have built it yourself, it might be in pieces already.  🤣

    A fair amount of your cost could have been limited if you had only one party involved from the beginning.  It's not a very good case study on how much a typical rebuild might cost.

    Yes it might be in pieces but I’d have more money to rebuild it again and not be reliant on other people 😀

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  8. The engine cost is a tricky one as if I had done the build myself I would have saved £8k in labour so that brings it down dramatically.  And then if I didn’t use aftermarket and updated parts it would have been even less.  And then if I had only replaced the 2 pistons and rods and crank I actually needed and didn’t have ARP head studs etc etc I reckon I could have done it for £6-7k 

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