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  1. No Worries for the pic. . I'd guess you could get a proper choke cable from As far as I know it's standard on the x180. Then they had airbags form the S4 onwards, but i've only been in my esprit so it's only from pictures and comments i've seen from other people.
  2. Here’s the location of my starting device cable if it helps @DaKa
  3. Hi, Thanks for the help guys. Mine must be running a bit lean then as I have to keep the revs up for quite a few minutes in spring/autumn mornings before she runs fine. I daren't pull out of a junction if anything is coming until she's fully warm. I use a couple of squirts of the throttle in the summer, then 4-5 in spring/autumn and then the no starting issue in the winter for several minnutes (hopefully this is now sorted), but the plugs look good to me. Not hot/dry or sooty either. Thanks for heads up on the choke/starting device. I even had a carb specialist calling them chokes w
  4. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I don't think it has a throttle jack. I think they are probably not on the carb cars? I've emailed a couple of websites. 1 isn't sure and I'm waiting for a reply from another. It doesn't have AC though. I have always been told not to use the choke/starting device but to use 4-5 squirts of the throttle. However I had been trying to use the choke when I found it wasn't starting. I've always found the choke to stop solidly so presumed it was opening fully, but i checked the travel today and found it was only opening about 1/4 of the way. I've lubed it up a lot an
  5. Hi, I have a 1990 NA esprit which only seems to like the summer. In the summer she starts easily and runs fine but in colder spring or autumn days she sometimes takes a few goes to start and she will also stall if you leave her ticking over for more than about 30 seconds. This seams to happen if I use full, partial or no choke. In the winter she can take several minutes before she even fires, then several more minutes of firing/running for a few seconds before i can actually get her to run continuously, and then i have to keep my foot on the throttle for several minutes. All the spark plugs se
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for the help. I've forwarded all the details on, so hopefully he can get it fixed. James
  7. Hi my friend had his car hit up the backside and he’s looking for a specialist to bond the new panels on. Are there any recommended around Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire? thanks
  8. Hi Steve, This was the first thing i did, as this is what had happened a couple of months ago. This time it didn't work though (and i also tested the connection with a voltmeter, tried two different battery charges, a boost pack and jump leads onto some battery charger leads i had cut off). However, I have now managed to unlock the car with a lockout kit (without any damage that i have spotted yet), and found that the battery was flat and everything now works as it should. I am now leaving the battery disconnected till i can get a battery conditioner. Cheers for the help
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses I thought the ignition key must have been changed at one point and the door keys thrown away, but according to the handbook the esprits were made with different door and ignition keys for "added security". I'm awaiting a reply from the previous owner. Both the doors are locked, and the alarm light isn't flashing. I've managed to get a wedge in at the top of the door and i've tried to push the unlocking latch with a coat hanger, but it has too much flex to push it. I've now ordered a lockout kit from amazon as most of the locksmiths seem to on
  10. Hi, I have a 1990 esprit X180 and the central locking has decided it doesn't wanna work. I also found out that I haven't got a key for the door locks. (i found both of these things out at 4 am when the alarm started going off and I was unable to switch it off or get into the car...... i think my neighbours hate me. The battery is charged so I'm hoping it's just a fuse! Does anyone know of a way I can open the front bonnet to change the fuse, or a way of getting into the passenger compartment without causing damage? Thanks James
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