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  1. Jut got some of these delivered today, they’re 11.5” Great Idea! They’ve removed the leaves no problem, I think they’ll come in useful as well.
  2. Really pleased with it Finally stopped raining today, so ‘popped’ out to the shops 5 minutes away, and was gone for an hour.... Such a good car to drive!
  3. I’ve recentky purchased an Exige V6 roadster, I’m really impressed with the box, when pushing on, the changes are very fast, and accompanied by a little ‘crack’ from the exhaust, as you said, it seems to work better changing before the red line. There is a slight delay between the paddle press and change, but I really don’t notice it anymore (it’s certainly quicker than me and the manual box in my last Evora S) and to be honest, I do enjoy the auto in the Exige more, as the Evoras box was a bit hit and miss I really. I enjoy the downshift blips as well. I love having my hands on the wheel all the time.
  4. Hi all After some drives at night, it’s come to my attention that the headlights are terrible.... I was wondering if there is an LED headlight upgrade that people would recommend, or a good HID kit, Many thanks Kames
  5. Many thanks, much appreciated Really pleases with the car.
  6. Hi all I’ve not had the car long... But I’ve seen that you can get carbon version of this par attached— Is it a tricky job to change? James
  7. Many thanks Thrilled with it, really feels like a special car, It was quite overcast today which was a shame, even had some rain on the way back too (not ideal weather collecting a car like this....) Looking forward to seeing it in better weather I was a bit worried the colour might be too tame, but really pleased how it looks outside.
  8. Just got back from collecting it after my many questions in the forum.... I went from the 'Central lotus' Silver with venom red leather. It was sad to say goody to the Evora, but this is just fantastic. I was sceptical about the Automatic, but I really like it, the changes are very quick, with a nice 'crack' between upshifts, and a lovely blip on downshifts The sound of the car is addictive as well! first thing I did was press the valve opening button...
  9. Hi Guys, I may go to have a look at this Solar yellow Exige- They seem to be offering quite a competitive price for the Evora too, Is the Matt black next to the bonnet vent usually a wrap? Almost prefer the look of the front without the Matt black on, James
  10. Many thanks that doesn’t sound too bad then. I am very tempted with the sport 350 with the exposed linkage!
  11. Hi all Sorry, me again, just one more question. I have a manual 2011 Evora S at the moment, I’ve not been that impressed with the gear change. Is the Exige V6 S gearbox the same as the Evora 400? As I’ve heard that was a big improvement from the early Evoras, James
  12. Hi all The Exige roadster auto I was due to go and see has been sold unfortunately, but I’ve seen this one, at a jaguar garage. Is this the lotus sports exhaust on this one? New&onesearchad=Used james
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