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  1. Thank you I just admit, I think I should have done more research when purchasing, Some great information on here, I think I got carried away on the day, and the colour of it.. Very true there, that's what I would do next I think, purchase one that's had the niggles fixed.
  2. Very true that I think I would like to return at some point. I'll use what I have for a while I think, then purchase a lower milage, better sorted one.
  3. They were the main ones Sadly, I think it was at the wrong time. I got over excited, and rushed into it.. When the little one is older/doesn't require a child seat anymore, I would happily have another one. Glad yours is all sorted now I think, if I had been able to use the car more, I would have persevered with it, but found we couldn't all go in it together. Also, if we had a garage here, I would have tucked it away. Ah yes, I have read about the issues Porsche can have! The new car I have is good fun, but doesn't have the sound of the V6! Certainly hasn't put me off Lotus, and would love another. Also, one of the most helpful and friendly owners group I've joined with a car
  4. That's the one. It would be interesting to see if he's managed to fix the door catches/other issues.
  5. It was a great car to drive. But I found the worry of what each new sound was, or what was going to go wrong next, was taking over the enjoyment of it (could just be this car I think)
  6. Sold it to that chap, was at bit a loss, but sadly I don't think it was for me.
  7. Sadly yes. Even though I had it a short time, lots of issues started appearing. The worry about what else would go wrong with it was taking over the enjoyment of the car. I just hope he's got the problems sorted. Wouldn't want anyone else to get into trouble with it. The door catches were on back order from lotus. Speak belt, knocking from the front right, and spanner illuminating for 30 seconds, and not convinced the AC was working.
  8. Going to change these round when the cars back from the garage (was going to ask them, but didn't want to add anything else to the list!!) Does the aluminium trim just come off using plastic trim removal tools? Don't want to damage the trim or leather. Also, the removal of the original alpine, is there security keys needed for this? As I don't seem to have any supplied..
  9. If I didn't already have one, I would be looking at that! And local to me too..
  10. Finally got round to trying this today, amazingly it operates like new again, and much quicker to retract.
  11. I recently purchased a 2009 N/A, this was the second cheapest on auto trader at the time, it was just over £25k, milage is 68000, so on the higher side, but interior and exterior are in good condition for the age of the car. Spec and colour wise, it was just what I wanted. It has got some issues, but hopefully they can easily be rectified...
  12. Another one for the list LE Badge on door sill, and Evora badge on the dash Persian Blue, with Oyster interior, AU59DTO
  13. That's great, thank you! I've recently purchased some Wd40 Silicone spray, hopefully that will do the trick.
  14. On the the plus side, it doesn't seem to leak in the rain.... Part of me panics when I hear any sound with it now!
  15. Hi all I've noticed, when taking the seat belt off, it's quite slow to retract, and needs coaxing back up, is there a fix to this? Or is it just age, and needing a new item.
  16. Just a quick one, the splitter and the radio have arrived. On the splitter, did you connect the 12v red cable as well?
  17. Good to hear I think I can hear it a bit more too, as my windows not sealing properly. The car certainly has spirit!
  18. Thanks guys Good to know, will keep to the appointment then!
  19. Thank you for the reply Yeah, the car is left outside, to start with it was doing when it was first started, or had been raining, it seems to be doing it all the time now, I have it booked in for the 11th, but not sure if I can go now, the garage say they're ok to do it, but don t want to be stopped on the way! Very true, really is an amazing car, to be honest, it seems incredibly well screwed together, nearly 70k miles, and not one rattle. I'm starting to get a better understanding of it now, don't think I've owned another car that feels like it, the soft sprung suspension and steering feel!
  20. That head unit looks great (been looking for one with android auto) Was it a straight eight swap? And rear camera still working ok? James
  21. Brilliant Will get hold of one! Hopefully it's not too bad to fit, I'm not technically minded at all..
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