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  1. Thanks for all the replies folks. I’m very jealous of some of your garages. I guess I was just trying to ease my mind incase I do have to keep it outside, as and when I get it of course. my Elise was tightish which gives me hope if I go exige route. If I go evora route it will probably be tighter than mayevoras squeeze in, so I was thinking about some sort of push in system on sliding plates maybe on an electric winch Guess the first thing to do is get the car first though. Thanks again Matt
  2. How’s it going folks hope your all well and covid hasn’t affected you all to much. Prior to the outbreak I was hoping to see myself in an evora or exige 410 later in the year. This has been put on hold for a while due to the covid situation but still v optimistic it will happen but maybe next year now. One of the considerations for the purchase was where to house the new toy. I had an Elise 111r which was fairly tight in the garage. I think I would have room for an exige but not much chance if I went the evora route. Would love to have a big double garage but would rather have lots of holidays Instead so just wondering where do u all keep yours and Do you think it’s essential to have a garage. Bit concerned about having A fair few bob on the drive what say u lot ? cheers Matt
  3. Matt

    Hi from Halesowen

    Cheers it will most probably be an Evora as love the thought of getting about with the whole family for a few years but I do fancy a track bash at some point so will get in an exige as well and you can’t beat an Elise for open top driving full stop It will probably be September before I can do it though so will change my mind a gazillion times before then.
  4. Hi folks First of all would like to say bibs this is a brilliant site I love the passion from everyone for all things light. I guess rather predictably i got into it all with 007 and the underwater esprit which was awesome but I never really thought it was a realistic proposition to own a lotus until they brought out the Elise. It was and still is just a stunning motor. I managed to get my dirty hands on one from nick whale in 07. It was a black 06 s2 111r which I loved, reg number au06exg if any one owns it on here now would be great to see a pic? One of the highlights of owning her was driving to Stubaier near innsbruck a week after purchase to do a Paragliding tour. And on the way back doing the stelvio pass amongst others. I even managed to pull a fella in an Audi tt on the way back who had pulled me over to talk about (I thought ) the Elise. After he invited me to Switzerland to go skiing I got my coat sharpish pretty much then all I did was go out for drives out to nowhere which mostly ended in mid/north wales I had to get rid of Beyoncé in 2012 due to kids coming along and work, needing the funds for my own business and something more family oriented. so for the last 8 years I’ve been riding round in a Vw t5 sportline which has been great and perfect for my kitchen business and family life. About 3-4 years ago I started thinking about getting a lotus back in my life and was originally looking at an s2 exige. At that point I had never even considered the v6 Originally finding it just not right in some way. Then I found the Pitts and his blog on his v6 cup. which in turn led me to the forums. I could have probably got an s2 back then but now I only wanted a v6 (damn u pitts) and also needed more cash for the business. Fast forward and I’m not to far away. After getting my showroom up and running and now re doing the house and an extension followed by a dog (the lengths you have to go to) I will all being well will be pushing the button on a 410 evora/exige or maybe a 250 cup in the next few months. I really don’t know what to go for but I'm currently thinking evora whilst the kids are small enough to get in the back but that may change tomorrow and the next day etc etc . My showroom is actually on the same site as hpe automotive near Bromsgrove so I have seen Kung fu panda there and others so if your ever there pop in to unit 38 for a coffee. Alias23 your car is absolutely stunning in the flesh as are all the exige build threads cars. Not so sure about pink though only joking wish I had all your knowhow and bravery to do your own thing. I just want to get in and drive . in a few months O and sorry for the waffling Cheers Matt
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