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  1. Only so many men are tough enough for an exige 😏💪👊🤣🤣
  2. I’ve just received my cert of provenance. my car was 12 of only 28 cars in the uk. If there’s a similar amount of 430s then final editions are very rare but then I guess they are anyway.
  3. Fire red and fire in the sky last Friday morning. Shame I wasn’t somewhere more exotic than my unit 🤦‍♂️ But there was this rather lovely s1 Elise at hpe autos just round the corner from my unit 😍
  4. I love my fire red and I’ve got some pics that I think look brilliant. But in the flesh it’s on a whole different level. I’ve yet to see an Exige that I don’t like though so I think I’m a bit biased 😬.
  5. That looks wicked. very brave but you absolutely nailed it. Will be absolutely spectacular in the flesh 👌.
  6. Hang in there Matt W. Mine has been brilliant. 2500 miles in the only issue I’ve had with mine was the alarm going off repeatedly when I got home from pick up but thanks to v6 Facebook page found out it was the front access panel not being located properly. Other than that it’s not missed a beat. It is absolutely flipping brilliant to drive at 25mph or above. Hang in there and you will be rewarded 👍👍
  7. Yes fire red it’s awesome. I have to say though I’ve yet to see a colour on the exige that I dislike.😍
  8. 400 miles plus the car didn’t miss a beat flawless so much character to it. Fast or slow it’s always an event. I did part of the evo triangle on the A5 but it’s well known for it now and is heavily policed I believe. Loads of other roads, you just have to accept your gonna get a few not so good when your exploring☺️. Personally I think the carbon access panel and wing just finish the job so much better than the standard ones. I would have gone for the roof as well but I really want a soft top so it was pointless. we have a holiday home in bewdley so seeing as it was a bit of a covert mission🤭Taking it off and leaving it there made it easier and never aroused any suspicions although my burnt face did raise eyebrows 🤣 🤣🤣 Well worth it though The sound bouncing around in the valleys with right foot nailed is just 😍😍😍🏎🏎🏎
  9. 🤣 I don’t. At the moment I push it in and pull it out. thank heavens for light is right 🥴 getting it out is fairly easy as it’s slightly down hill a bit just makes getting it in a bit harder. ☺️ I just hold it in place with a brick to stop it rolling back with the front tyres just in the garage which has a slight lip to make it a bit easier 🤦‍♂️ then get it moving but allow it to rock back 2-3 times onto the brick before giving it a good push and jobs a good un 🤣 Im sure the neighbours must think it’s hilarious but doesn’t bother me. Maybe if it was a daily it would be different but it’s not so happy days. I may try and set up a winch type thing down the line but not fussed at the mo. 👍
  10. Managed to move some stuff around to make the most of this lovely weather today. Halesowen and back via bewdley - Rhayader - Aberystwyth - lake vyrnwy - Bala -Porthmadog- beddgellert- Caernarfon- lanberris-capelcurig-betwsycoed- cerrigdrudion- Bala-llangynog-Welshpool-craven arms- cleobury then home 400 plus miles. Some awesome roads and some not so much 😬 The highlight is normally Rhayader to Aberystwyth it’s fantastic. This morning at 6 -6.30 it was full of fog so looked stunning but not so much fun for flying. Bala to llangynog is another stormer. But there’s lots of good stuff up there. Anybody share some good roads they like not necessarily mid-north Wales wherever? Taking the roof off was absolutely fantastic. More pics 😬
  11. I love the front the back the side but most of all behind the wheel 😬
  12. Im not to sure I think they may have had to do something but can’t be 100%. If they did I don’t think it was to tricky.
  13. Yes it comes up on the dashboard saying exhaust open or closed when you press it. doesn’t stay on though. You will know though if it’s open 😬👍
  14. Had my running in service today. All good. 7000 is just peachy 😬 O and they were able to put the exhaust switch on for me. Apparently it’s a bit of luck if the wires are there they can still do it and they were on mine 😁. Now it sounds awesome all the time 😍
  15. Congrats on the collection it looks amazing just like mine 😬👏👏 Fire red is definitely a colour that you need to see in the flesh to get the real benefit of it. It’s proper epic in the flesh. I had the front of mine ppfd then a ceramic coating all over. Really happy with it so far cleaning is definitely easier. I’m off for the running in service tomorrow cant wait to take it all the way to 7000 😬
  16. Fire red is blooming awesome Pics don’t do it justice either beautiful in the flesh
  17. Cheers it really is flipping awesome I’m totally made up with it. 😍 10th feb I placed my deposit . But hadn’t confirmed the spec for a few weeks after that.
  18. Love the look of the new car and was obviously interested in what they came up with but as soon as it came out I knew I’d done the right thing for me. The Exige is everything I wanted it to be so far. Just driving fun. Went out fly swatting in it yesterday from bewdley to Aberystwyth it’s first real run out to see those 1000 miles off 😁 200 plus miles in traffic but also on great roads with nothing in front and also in towns where all you get are smiles no bad reactions so far. I’m upto 750 now 😬 and giving it a bit more 🦶🏼as I was told to do 😁 it’s a bit awkward to get in and out but no different to my old Elise. the stereo is pointless not turned it on 🤣 driving around town 30mph is not a problem it always feels quicker I look down and I’m only doing 28🤣 In every way it’s awesome for me and I’ve been driving mine almost every day As long as I can get in and out the thing it’s a keeper 😍 Any excuse for pics 😬
  19. 😬 I know I do wonder some times. But since I’ve had it this week I’m certain I made the correct decision. I’m doing my best to get the 1000miles in currently upto 400 😁. But even only taking it upto 4500 revs it’s just so damn quick to much for the road really and that’s where I’ll be for the most part to start with But then most people who track them seem to want more than 420-30 so figured stick with this and if I want more power 10k towards it 🤷‍♂️🤣
  20. They put The j hooks on mine as they had no standard breaks. some of the later ones may end up as virtual cup cars if your lucky 🤣
  21. Yours was a definite inspiration. Pictures of yours with everything that you’ve done to it are brilliant. Which says a lot to me because in the flesh the colour takes on a whole new life. They really are awesome cars. And zero rattles or squeaks so far 🥳 🤣 This pic from outside the holiday lodge 🤣(caravan) as the light fades it’s just an awesome colour
  22. Cheers. You won’t be disappointed with Fire red it is just absolutely stunning I’m sure you will be delighted with it. The access panel, louvred rear hatch and the aero pack were added on the configurator. The spoiler just changes the whole rear end I think.
  23. 🥳🥳🥳 finally picked mine up yesterday afternoon. I really don’t think it’s going to take long to get the first 1000 on the clock 😝 near enough 250 already the kids keep getting me to take them out in it 😁 first thoughts are it’s flipping awesome 2nd thoughts are 4500-7000 must be mind blowing. It’s really to fast for the road 🥴 3rd thoughts fire red is absolutely awesome pictures really do it no justice at all. But here are some anyway 😍
  24. Wow only 15 that’s never correct but is great in a selfish way. It’s not gonna stop me putting the miles on mine though🏎 I only had a short blast in a demo that only had a few hundred miles on it so never got past 4000 rpm. Which felt bonkers compared to my old 111r. So can’t wait to see what it’s really got. 🤯 I pick mine up a week on Saturday. I’m not sure who’s more excited me or my lad. I bought some white puma speed cats 6 months ago that I haven’t even looked at since 🤦‍♂️ Can’t wait for there first trip out🏎🏎 I may even get my haircut and have a shave 🤣
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