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  1. Fire red is blooming awesome Pics don’t do it justice either beautiful in the flesh
  2. Cheers it really is flipping awesome I’m totally made up with it. 😍 10th feb I placed my deposit . But hadn’t confirmed the spec for a few weeks after that.
  3. Love the look of the new car and was obviously interested in what they came up with but as soon as it came out I knew I’d done the right thing for me. The Exige is everything I wanted it to be so far. Just driving fun. Went out fly swatting in it yesterday from bewdley to Aberystwyth it’s first real run out to see those 1000 miles off 😁 200 plus miles in traffic but also on great roads with nothing in front and also in towns where all you get are smiles no bad reactions so far. I’m upto 750 now 😬 and giving it a bit more 🦶🏼as I was told to do 😁 it’s a bit awkward to get in and out but no different to my old Elise. the stereo is pointless not turned it on 🤣 driving around town 30mph is not a problem it always feels quicker I look down and I’m only doing 28🤣 In every way it’s awesome for me and I’ve been driving mine almost every day As long as I can get in and out the thing it’s a keeper 😍 Any excuse for pics 😬
  4. 😬 I know I do wonder some times. But since I’ve had it this week I’m certain I made the correct decision. I’m doing my best to get the 1000miles in currently upto 400 😁. But even only taking it upto 4500 revs it’s just so damn quick to much for the road really and that’s where I’ll be for the most part to start with But then most people who track them seem to want more than 420-30 so figured stick with this and if I want more power 10k towards it 🤷‍♂️🤣
  5. They put The j hooks on mine as they had no standard breaks. some of the later ones may end up as virtual cup cars if your lucky 🤣
  6. Yours was a definite inspiration. Pictures of yours with everything that you’ve done to it are brilliant. Which says a lot to me because in the flesh the colour takes on a whole new life. They really are awesome cars. And zero rattles or squeaks so far 🥳 🤣 This pic from outside the holiday lodge 🤣(caravan) as the light fades it’s just an awesome colour
  7. Cheers. You won’t be disappointed with Fire red it is just absolutely stunning I’m sure you will be delighted with it. The access panel, louvred rear hatch and the aero pack were added on the configurator. The spoiler just changes the whole rear end I think.
  8. 🥳🥳🥳 finally picked mine up yesterday afternoon. I really don’t think it’s going to take long to get the first 1000 on the clock 😝 near enough 250 already the kids keep getting me to take them out in it 😁 first thoughts are it’s flipping awesome 2nd thoughts are 4500-7000 must be mind blowing. It’s really to fast for the road 🥴 3rd thoughts fire red is absolutely awesome pictures really do it no justice at all. But here are some anyway 😍
  9. Wow only 15 that’s never correct but is great in a selfish way. It’s not gonna stop me putting the miles on mine though🏎 I only had a short blast in a demo that only had a few hundred miles on it so never got past 4000 rpm. Which felt bonkers compared to my old 111r. So can’t wait to see what it’s really got. 🤯 I pick mine up a week on Saturday. I’m not sure who’s more excited me or my lad. I bought some white puma speed cats 6 months ago that I haven’t even looked at since 🤦‍♂️ Can’t wait for there first trip out🏎🏎 I may even get my haircut and have a shave 🤣
  10. 😬I love the look of the carbon just couldn’t resist. A 420 May have been the way to go but I’m just not sure I will use it on track and I guess if I did get into tracking it then I may want to up the power more so figured the 390 was a good start point and still be 10k cheaper even with the carbon. I would have gone for the carbon roof as well but my lad is desperate to get the roof off when it comes so I’m trying to get hold of a soft top. I've been thinking about getting one so long another week shouldn’t be too bad 🤯😁
  11. So mine has come into silverstone 😍 in which is amazing but a bit frustrating as well as my garage won’t be ready until wk/c 21st so due to pick up 26th 😁. Although I need the garage to be done the car will be spending a lot of time at our caravan in the wyre forest near Bewdley, a gateway to many fun roads off into mid Wales😬 👍. One thing I’ve noticed on my everyday motor t5 when we stop at the van is we do get a lot of detritus from all the lovely trees and they’re inhabitants 🤦‍♂️ So looking for a good cover for when it’s not being ragged somewhere out in the wilds 🤣 I’m presuming the ones on sale from the shop will be fine out under the trees?
  12. Spoke to silverstone last week about a soft top for mine. Ordered that(12weeks wait apparently 🤦‍♂️) and was also told the car will be coming in in the next few weeks 😁 But I won’t have anywhere to put it until June 🤬 as my extension being currently done with nice new garage will not be done 🤯
  13. Thanks Bibs, That’s what I’m thinking re the ppf. Getting it done straight away takes any hassle out of it and as you say it will be as clean and tidy as can be. Certainly is the preferred option. I was looking at Daytona blue as well which will also look fantastic. But it was always going to be fire red 😍
  14. C8RKH and stephenwhyte. Your cars are stunning and the colour I really wanted.Also Arun_d’s Canyon red, all the pics of your cars are amazing. I’ve had a bit of a wobble the last few weeks as there’s a couple of fire red exiges for sale but I just don’t think the garages have done the best with the pics. I can’t blinking wait and yes gone for carbon front access, rear and wing. I Just love the look of the carbon but didn’t think I’d miss the extra grunt of the 420. If I get into tracking it then 10k should get me above 420 spec via komotec etc I think 🥴All I need to do now is get my extension built (for the garage) and find someone who will insure it 🤦‍♂️And then work out if to tell swmbo about it or just turn up in it😬
  15. I’m going to be joining the fire red team with a 390fe around beginning of June all being well. I’ve been trying to get insurance quotes but the FE additions aren’t available yet so just to get an idea I’ve said it’s a 410. Will they add the 390 at some point is it just because none have been supplied yet ? Im getting the car from Silverstone who have been great so far all over email or phone but I want to get it detailed and ppf done when it comes. Silverstone offer this but would I be better going elsewhere? cheers Matt
  16. I was told the same whilst discussing spec on my exige fe390. Never actually driven an exige and wanted to try an evora aswell. When I enquired about fe evora was told exactly the same. They were making 20 but not happening now🤷‍♂️
  17. It definitely is good news and a dealer has just confirmed this as well. He also confirmed the 390 is also OTR 64k 😁👍
  18. Does anyone know if the cost on the configurator for the 420 is correct ? keep seeing it reported at £79900. But on the site it say £82675 ?
  19. That really is beautiful @stephenwhyte you have helped confirm that mine will be fire red. It’s what I thought originally but that just looks mega. Now just to decide if going for the 420 will be worth the extra dollar for me. The need for ultimate speed isn’t that important to start with as mostly road driving but I’m interested in tracking the car later on. The main things I would miss are the wing and the front access panel which I both think look a real step up. I think I saw somewhere that there’s no chopping and changing so if I wanted to get these items elsewhere what sort of cost are you looking at for carbon fibre ?
  20. So I’ve paid a deposit towards an FE today. When restrictions are lifted I’ll go and take a look and see which way to go. 390 looking favourite but 420 also tempting although not sure blowing 85k+ is going to be ok in my head. Man maths are sorted it’s just the thought of doing that much is the struggle. I was gutted to miss out on the 20th anniversary but never thought they would sell that quickly given the state of everything at the moment. So I thought I would get in touch with my nearest dealer to see what the crack was only to be told there are approximately 200 exige available in total not just Uk. And they had an allocation of 8 🤦‍♂️. So deposit paid and now wait for restrictions to be lifted sooner rather than later hopefully. All I do know is it will be fire red 😍
  21. I have a kitchen showroom on the same trading estate as Dan at HPE in Bromsgrove. Hate driving past there every day and seeing the likes of Alias23 and mags stunning motors there from time to time but that’s another story. Check us out 😌👍 We are an independent family business different from the sheds in that we are offering a service for people who don’t want any hassle and as little grief as possible and have no interest in sorting any of it out themselves. We offer a great service and cabinets and doors as good as anything out there, so if your local to us and think we can be of help drop me a line even if it’s just for a bit of advice on stuff. Of all the places mentioned above I would say the online places are as good a bet as any if you are going down the self build or sorting it all out yourself route. Just make sure your getting 18mm base cabinets wall units will generally have 8mm solid backs to save on space . After that good quality hinges and drawer runners (Blum or Hettich)are a must. The main thing I would say is whatever you do don’t go for a vinyl or foil wrapped door. A lot of the sheds still do but they are garbage. Either have solid wood or mdf. Mdf is fine as long as they are a painted and lacquered door. I wouldn’t go near wren myself. They aren’t cheap for what you get, not 18mm units, no Blum/hettich hinges and quite often vinyl wrapped doors. And then it’s a complete lucky dip on getting a good fitter. I’ve just started using a fitter who did a lot for wren. He liked them because of all the remedial work he got from badly fitted kitchens there other fitters did 🤦‍♂️. Sorry for the long post but could ramble on for ever about bloody kitchens 🤣.
  22. I had an Elise 111r which I had to squeeze through 1900mm wide doors (Elise width with mirrors is 1850) so it was tight 🥴 the garage is 2500 but position of the door meant I only had effectively 2300 . Was a squeeze but manageable😁 gonna nock the garage down to get wider doors so I can get an exige 410 in in the new year. Lots easier taking the roof of to get out.
  23. Thanks for all the replies folks. I’m very jealous of some of your garages. I guess I was just trying to ease my mind incase I do have to keep it outside, as and when I get it of course. my Elise was tightish which gives me hope if I go exige route. If I go evora route it will probably be tighter than mayevoras squeeze in, so I was thinking about some sort of push in system on sliding plates maybe on an electric winch 🤣🤷‍♂️ Guess the first thing to do is get the car first though. Thanks again Matt
  24. How’s it going folks hope your all well and covid hasn’t affected you all to much. Prior to the outbreak I was hoping to see myself in an evora or exige 410 later in the year. This has been put on hold for a while due to the covid situation but still v optimistic it will happen but maybe next year now. One of the considerations for the purchase was where to house the new toy. I had an Elise 111r which was fairly tight in the garage. I think I would have room for an exige but not much chance if I went the evora route. Would love to have a big double garage but would rather have lots of holidays Instead 😁 so just wondering where do u all keep yours and Do you think it’s essential to have a garage. Bit concerned about having A fair few bob on the drive what say u lot ? cheers Matt
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