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  1. Here’s my issue. After I start the car the temp gauge slowly climbs and pegs out at 140. Takes about 10 minutes for this to happen. I replaced the thermostat and burped the system. While burping for 15 minutes the temp gauge stayed around 95 degrees. Took a drive and all was normal until 30 minutes in when the gauge rose to 140 and stayed there. I burped the system again but it didn't help. Any ides what could be going on?
  2. Hi all, I've been trying to get to the bottom of this one for a while and keep getting conflicting answers. My Esprit S2 has the original Speedline wheels and newer, correctly sized tires. What tire pressure should I be using? The Lotus info states 18lbs Frt, 26lbs Rear. I've been told that is way too low and was only that pressure due to the tires available in 1979. Newer tires need more pressure. I've also been told that the Speedline wheels are the reason for the lower pressure and 30lbs in a tire would wreck them. Then again I've been told that the pressure spec is all part of the Esprit handling and suspension aggregation and not to mess with Colin's original intent. What is the correct pressure to go with? Your feedback is appreciated. Greg
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks..good to be in the Forum. I think I'll get a lot of use out of it. I figured out my tool issue. The lug wrench fits perfectly in the spark plug tool and the bag closes neatly around the tools. I've added a picture of my car. I'll work on getting some more. Greg
  4. Hi gang, can anyone tell me where the temp sender is on the 907 engine? I have an Esprit S2 with a non functional temp gauge I’m trying to fix.
  5. Hi all, I recently found an original set of tools, scissor jack and lug wrench (Wheel Brake) for my Esprit S2. Tools go in the bag under the flap on the Engine cover, Jack and handle are mounted on top of the engine cover too. Where is the Lug Wrench stowed?
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