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  1. Long shot but has anyone had experience with this place... got a cheap elise on ebay at the moment
  2. Hello again, I'm positioning finances to start seriously planning an Elise purchase. However, I often work at the other end of the country and am likely to do around 250 motorway miles a couple of times a month. We have a family car but I'll be effectively using the Elise as a daily and for travelling. So... apart from noise/vibration/low position etc.... am I totally bonkers to get an Elise (I will have this pattern for the foreseeable future and dont want to wait until I retire to have a dream car). Basically this will be my driving pattern for at least the next 10 years on and off. Secondly... what is the realistic maximum mileage of a K series/Toyota 1.8 elise and a newer 1.6? Assuming all maintenance correct. Point being if i buy say a 40-50k mileage car, within say 5 years it will be on 100k. I'm not interested in the value, but will it be road worthy at say 120k, higher? All advice appreciated. I'm looking at around 13 to 20k ish budget, hence not getting a more refined car (evora)
  3. Hello all, wondering if anyone knows this car. Got the history from the dealer and it has had a recent head gasket change, but has done hardly any miles in the 2 years since. Does anyone know the car or have an opinion? Seems cheap, although the interior is a bit tired. Download the app to find your perfect car.
  4. People parking in the visitor bay over the road from my house. We have a drive... but for some reason my brain has convinced itself that we own land which we clearly don't. Anyone can park there, it's not my property, I keep having to remind myself it's not a problem and I shouldn't care. I now try to make sure I'm not being snobbish about it by asking myself... if that random shitty car was replaced by a new supercar, would it bother me that it's parked there?
  5. David85

    World Cup

    Did not enjoy that penalty shoot-out one bit, I was convinced Dier would miss, really don't rate him anywhere near good enough for the England team. Colombia's behaviour was absolutely disgusting... but England should be careful. I know we've been accused of being "too nice", but I'd rather that than them get involved. Henderson, when gently knocked on the chin (should have been a red card), grabbed at his face, it just then throws his own credibility into doubt. Also Harry Maguire was getting too involved and making the VAR symbol which is a pet peeve of mine. Harry Kane was the best example, particularly before his penalty, pick up the ball, walk away. I think Southgate should start Loftus-Cheek instead of Alli, he just doesn't look fully fit and isn't making an impact.
  6. All Mobility cars should be bright pink.
  7. God help my generation when we reach old age, there is just going to be nowhere near enough to go around! I'm pensionable (military), in 2023. One of the main (tin foil hat on) reasons to leave after 22 years instead of accept an extension, is that I do not trust the MOD/HM Govt to pay me what I signed up for. The pension has already changed twice in my time, one of those was a mandatory change which has cost me in the region of £50k-100k, possibly more depending how long I live. How do I know the Treasury aren't going to come out in ten years and say "sorry lads, we know what we signed up to, but it just isn't affordable anymore". Another one to make your blood boil... yesterday I read an article (link below), about a transgender woman who has won the right to draw a state pension early, on the basis of now being a woman. It's quite an interesting proposition. She has become a woman, but is still and will always be genetically a man. Therefore the traditional reasons for retiring later must surely still come into play?
  8. Different generations have always blamed each other for life's woes. I'm not sure I subscribe to the adversarial narrative. I am technically a "millennial", in that I came into adulthood at the turn of the millennium. For young people to blame those that are older than them, and the other stuff I've heard like "they'll be dead soon", is just barmy and indicative of the low regard with which we hold our later generations in this country. On the other hand, not all millennial people are gender fluid, top knot wearing, avocado munching cretins. It's the debate about a bad-BREXIT that is now causing a bad BREXIT! Just bloody crack on with it. David Cameron tried to get us a "good deal", and the EU basically laughed at him, well look where that led them.
  9. I might have already said in another thread... but I've honestly had enough of hearing about Brexit. I was/am a passionate Leave voter. The Leave vote won, just get us out. I now turn over the radio/TV whenever I hear "Brexit"... I'm just sick of it. Tell me when it's done and what deal we got. Or, more likely, tell me when the vote has been subverted and I need to go and march on Parliament. I even joined the Conservative Party (based on now being able to vote in party leadership elections), so that I could vote in a more pro-Brexit PM if Theresa May is sacked. But all that has amounted to is a raft of emails asking for money..... "David.... we need your help to stop Labour, give us a tenner".
  10. David85

    World Cup

    It's strange because I read an article last week praising Gary Neville's punditry and talking as if he was beloved by the nation. I can't stand his commentary/critique. Slavan Bilic has been great. I've also not been keen on any of the female England footballers being drafted in to fill the quota. This isn't based on their sex/race/age or antyhing like that... it is based on the fact women's football, at the highest level, is equivalent in skill to that of U16 boys footballers, I just don't think they are qualified to comment on the men's professional game.
  11. David85

    World Cup

    I thought they played really well, unfortunately I missed part of the second half due to my daughter's theatre show (I'd already watched the first show on Saturday so I sat with an earpiece in through Sunday's show! Bad Father I know). We haven't seen them under pressure or on the back foot yet, that's when it will get interesting. I think a draw against Belgium will be a fine result at this stage. I predict a narrow loss though, possibly 2-1. It's nice to see them relaxed, unicorn racing and darts etc... but all that will look bad if they put in a bad showing down the line. I think this has been a cracking World Cup so far, I can't believe there hasn't been a 0-0 draw yet.
  12. David85


    They'll never be parked up along that stretch, it is a massive deck, plus we don't have a lot of jets really do we! I don't think we'll ever see a jam packed flight deck like you do on the US carriers (stand fast WW3). If the sorties are managed effectively I don't think it is that much of an issue.
  13. David85


    There is definitely the capacity to build it in and having been in briefings where the Air team brief external visitors from media to Ministerial... no-one has ever mentioned an angled flight deck. The problem will be if the provision by design spaces for catapult equipment is subsequently used (permanently) for other capabilities. For example Amphibious/landing force planning/accommodation. That said there are many issues surrounding that type of conversion, not least the fact that those spaces aren't acoustically insulated from the flight deck immediately above, and to do so would add significant cost. Those spaces are currently used on a temporary basis for various things from gym spaces to storage/training. But there is basically a significant amount of empty real estate below the flight deck for cats and traps. I agree by the way with you both that cats and traps were the way to go. Success or failure of that decision will largely be down to our next major conflict and the type of warfare therein. The fact that QNLZ is designed to operate in the oceanic region rather than the littoral tells you a lot about how difficult troop lift and amphibious assaults will be.
  14. David85


    There is still capacity in design to incorporate cats and traps to the QE class carriers. An angled flight deck is not required. Bearing in mind I think it's broadly expected that these ships have a lifespan of 50+ years, it might be something we see during their lifecycle. There are much greater problems with the aircraft than the variant. Problems with operating it that exist regardless of the variant. We will not be taking full advantage of the airframe for years, if ever.
  15. Yeah that will be all legitimate kills lol... I underestimated you!
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