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  1. Hi, I have install it in parallele .. sorry in french Regards R
  2. Oups... 461 ch and 484 NM after an ECU upgrade.
  3. Mine was 424 ch and 480 NM stock and after upgrade was 459 ch and 520 NM
  4. You video is excellent too Yes i plug an external microphone on my gopro just near the exhaust Cheers
  5. Hi, Finally got time to record the sound... Cheers
  6. Hello, Yes i got the pops i will record a video soon with the sound hopefully this sunday stay tune
  7. Oh it's no good then for me.. i want it working on all mod under 4500tr/mins so will keep my double valve Thank's
  8. Hi, Thank you so much for your answer. So i will keep my double valve install ...don't have dealer here
  9. Hi BAS I can see on my 430 CUP the wiring for the Valve so i install a switch but it do nothing... Does they upgrade the ECU for make this work ? Thank you Regards
  10. Hello, I have order the second valve before my car arrive so there is no reason i think to put a switch button that will power the original valve .. i didn't try it .. Let me know if you can do this Thank's
  11. There is no reason i didn't try it yet... will let you know
  12. Hi, I have install my exhaust remote controlled button Regards
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