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  1. Just an update on the reported idle learning issues. I could not get the car to SSC as it kept throwing the engine light and went into limp mode a couple of times. So I decided to look into the issue myself. first port of call was to check ECU error codes. This is what my ODBII reader showed me. P2119 Throttle Actuator Control Range/PErformance P2135 Throttle Pedal Position Voltage Correlation P2104 Throttle Actuator - Forced Idle P2106 Throttle Actuator - Forced Limited Power. At first glance it was pretty obvious there was an issue with the throttle body, and P2119 and P2104 is common when there are issues with the MAF sensor/wiring. I had already done the obligatory MAF plug cable tie fix as per the service bulletin so I decided to pull the the entire intake out to check and clean everything. Throttle body was full of oil from the breather hose, a surprising amount and so was the flex pipe. The MAF sensor was clean and both TB and MAF plugs were clean and still tight. I checked the flex pipe while cleaning it and noticed the breather hose fitting was quite loose, I could move the metal fitting in and out of the flex pipe to the point where air could enter thru the gap formed. Initial thought was that if air is getting into the intake after the MAF this would cause TPS or MAF errors. After cleaning the throttle body, the MAF sensor and both the plugs with contact cleaner and conditioner I put everything back together including the cable tie fix on the MAF and replaced the factory flex pipe with Imran's silicone one. I then reset the codes and disconnected the battery for 30mins. Restarted the car and no engine light, idle although in learn mode was fine and no flat spot on acceleration.......EXCELLENT ....... Left idle to learn for 20mins and took the car for long drive on some of the best winding roads Sydney has to offer. Car was great ran like a champ without any issues for 3 hours with multiple stops. I suspect there was a combination of things that caused the issues/error codes, but the flex pipe breather fitting where air was getting in was most likely the cause of the idle problem.
  2. Exhaust and headers are from Simply Sports Cars here in Sydney. Just wait till I get them to check the car over, I'd like to know the root cause of issue. Thanks for the link Dirk, do you track your Exige ?
  3. Imran, I do have still have a cat, it is just further down the line where the 3rd Evora cat is in the US version. Engine is also standard for now
  4. No need to apologise Mike, it is a valid question. Yes, I'm aware that when the ECU is reset it needs time to re-learn the idle. This process needs to take place and idle can be high or hunting for the initial 15-20mins or so. However the throttle response is still normal during the learning process, in my case it is not, some times it will not accelerate at all or not rev past 3000rpm. Imran, nothing on your marketing or testing however it should be noted so that people are aware of potential issues. As I said the cause is still to be determined and I will post error codes and cause once confirmed. Perhaps similar to the 5000rpm issue that you did not experience during your testing as mentioned is previous posts. If air straightener is the solution it may be worth while to consider including in the kit (imagine it is a honeycomb piece inside the intake pipe ? @dixie v6, happy to test if you can provide more information.
  5. look great PJ. to me the red is now all done, please don't over do it.
  6. Guys, I'm also experiencing some issues after fitting the intake where the car will not idle when cold and accelerator input is inconsistent, ,aka flat spot. Im getting ECU codes checked next week and will keep you posted. FYI - my V6 has headers and and 3" exhaust, everything was fine prior fitting the intake cause still TBD.
  7. I can confirm these don’t fit the Exige, due to hanger location as per above.
  8. yup, just use sandpaper to remove the pad build up. it's easy to fix and cheap if you're willing to add some elbow grease.
  9. Colin, Keep us posted on your solution and if you decide to DYI.
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