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  1. Evening all, I am on the look out for a full interior and seats for my 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo. Obviously needs too be a ‘G’ type interior. I would consider any sections of interior otherwise. I don’t mind some repairs needing doing. I also need the sun visors. I am in the UK, I can travel about to pick stuff up. Cheers Peter
  2. I’d be tempted if I can get my Esprit to work properly by then. She’ll still be a restoration project but hopefully able to get about without the RAC!
  3. Hi Pete, how did you end up end up fixing your mirror in the end, mines broken in exactly the same place! cheers Peter
  4. I agree it’s the individual surface areas when bonded together that give it the extra strength
  5. Thanks for the replies. The structure of the car is mostly in the 2 large panels beneath the window. As Only the top right is faulty and after talking to 2 yacht repairs I am going to repair it. Step guide based on discussions: 1) remove excess damaged material 2) measure original thickness 3) measured damaged area thickness 4) but exterior plywood to increase thickness back to original 5) rebond the damaged areas and clamp 6) Cut a lap joint into the old fibreglass 7) cut the new section of plywood to shape with a lap joint 8 ) bond in the new plywood 9) screw with washers and wait to dry 10) bond any gaps around the material to body 11) paint and refit window I think this should work fine... he says!!!
  6. Well I can't leave it as it's really bad, I'll have to strip all the bits off around it, protect the headlining and have a go at remaking it all. Should be fun 🙄
  7. Haha probably 😂, would explain why there is so much water damage in my Esprit
  8. The original breather pipes were clear, I think they are still sold like that... but yeah i wouldn’t use that type of pipe myself
  9. Eeeek ... I am stripping my cars interior and I removed the rear panel on the firewall to be greated by delaminating plywood round the firewall window. Rather than replace it as that looks a disaster I was thinking of gluing with polyurethane sealant some back together and clamping it. Then adding replacement mdf of fibreboard to get the thickness back... what do we think? Anither Esprit disaster lol Cheers, Peter
  10. Haha yeah engine is in and working fine @Blackngolds3turbo Mind you she did backfire and scare the crap out of me on Tuesday... I might have needed a fire extinguisher in the extra hands lol
  11. If I can get my project Esprit useable on a long distance i’ll there. Should be ok otherwise i’ll be littering the M11 like anyone else from Kent 😂
  12. I am on the look out for a replacement seat for my car in the colour shown... or a pair of S1, S2 or S3 seats (any colour considered). I really don’t want a full retrim unless absolutely necessary. thanks peter
  13. The Ramps I have are from CJ Autos, work great, about £400 I think... bloody heavy mind you! It was probably your house I parked outside as the car park is always full!
  14. Was nice to meet you @Sparky and thanks for sorting my belt, also nice to know I brought a car with a good engine too 😀. Thanks @Bibs for putting me in contact. I love the Duke of Wellington I was only there the other week.
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