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  1. That might have been for later cars as the S1 and S2 had vacuum retard for emissions. vr Mike
  2. If only the service manual were written in American instead of the Queens english. 🤣 Of course that's the first thing I did was plug the vacuum and set the advance at max. Just trying to understand the manual. vr Mike
  3. Richard, You'd think so however page 10 of the service manual reads: North American Spec. with Zenith Carburettors Static ign. timing 8* BTDC at idle (950-1000) 0* (TDC) My typo using 7* verse and later on page 11 goes into the advance per crankshaft on no advance below 1000. Considering that static ignition timing is with the engine not running, engine timing marker set at 8* BTDC, and using a test light to set the distributor. I'm assuming that the 0* at idle would be the result with the vacuum retard hooked up running at idle. I'll have to check to see what the sticker on
  4. Sorry to resurrect this thread - So it seems that no one is using the 7* BTDC static 0* TDC idle setting for the Fed 25D4 41634A distributor with Zenith Strombergs? The 0* TDC at idle is interesting as I've never worked on anything that wanted 0* at idle. vr Mike
  5. My plan is to close up all the federal holes for the Fed bumpers, as well as side markers, and then recutting the holes mount the UK bumpers. I'll also be installing a UK rear valance and modifying the exhaust to fix.
  6. Preparing for a UK bumper conversion on my federal S1 and will be closing up the original holes. Does anyone have pictures and measurements for the UK bumper mounting and light holes?
  7. How's the "standard" do for outdoors in the sun for when at work for the day? Additionally, I have a federal S1 but will eventually switch over to UK bumpers. Will that make any difference with the cover fit? vr Mik
  8. What's the difference with the two options for covers? Also what do most get for colours? Do you match the car or stick with the green? What would be the closest to lagoon blue and, yes, I will be restoring the interior back to tartan. vr Mike
  9. Picked up 348H a couple months ago for a fair price. She passed CA smog - first time go with nothing more than plug change, timing and carb balance check. Plan is to slowly bring her back to full-up or sell her. Replaced the ignition leads and plugs but haven't decided what's next. However, first to go are the Federal Bumpers. I know that she was owned by a previous member of the forum and has been taken care of in her years. Only real major issues are the '80s velour/vinyl interior change over and the paint clear obove the pin-striping has been polished away so any upkeep on the topside has t
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