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  1. I have decided that the rear view mirror in my Evora is too large and obstructs part of my forward vision . I find myself occasionally having to duck to get a better view. Has anyone fitted the Sector 111 micro mirror or similar. Sector111 used to have a smart CF micro mirror which fitted nicely to some of the early Elises. I know there is a thread on this topic from a few years ago. However I was hoping for more up to date information. Thanks
  2. My clutch is not heavy at all.It is almost Elise like. A great review.
  3. My 1 year old Sport 410 had this issue with the belt. Only 2,000kms on the clock.
  4. Yes these are the speakers. The fit is perfect, including the tweeters. What is the Alpine software upgrade you refer to?
  5. Just underwent a fairly simple upgrade to my Sport 410 stereo, which has transformed the sound quality. Installed an Alpine KTP-445A plug and play amp and Focal PS130F speakers with sound deadening. No sub woofer at this point.
  6. Last year I moved from an Aston V8 Vantage S and Elise S2 to the Evora Sport 410. No regrets. The Evora retains the best features of these cars, without their foibles. I found the Vantage S with the sports suspension to be nervous and jittery on anything but good roads. The automated manual shift was slow and ponderous. I also was fearful of the potential for big bills to come in. Reading various opinions on various sites most people talk about clutch failures. Down here in Aus that's a $10,000 job. The up side of the Aston is it is a beautiful car and a lovely place to sit. The
  7. Just realised I haven't put up a photo.
  8. I failed to mention that the other benefit of the new seat runners is the ability to move the seats further forward, therefore allowing good access to the rear parcel shelf.
  9. I just had the modified seat runners installed. This has totally transformed the driving position for the better. Slightly reclined with improved thigh support. This gives better support to my lower back and raises the seating position slightly. I would highly recommend this to all other Sport 410 owners.
  10. The mirror monitor is about the same size as the original mirror and replaces it. I don't the brand as it all provided by the Lotus dealer. However a common brand in Australia is Parkmate. It works well, although it does take a little acclimatisation. On a different note, my car came with the stereo fitted. Does this have a subwoofer in the rear. I suspect it doesn't.
  11. Not the greatest photo, but this might provide an idea as to the set up I have with the rear view camera feeding to a "monitor" rear view mirror. This is taken within my garage and the car in the image is about 10m behind the Evora. At AUS $400 I thought it it was worth it.
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