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  1. This is the end of mine - no circlip, no problems 9 months later
  2. please remove my reply [ pics ] on missing essex cars - I posted pics of WC car by mistake


  3. Hi Steve - yes Indy did own it, it is now with a person called Trevor Stephens, I will see if I can get some pics and a number.
  4. any one have the part no on the Gates alternator belt for S3na I know its 10mm wide and 865mm inside 875mm outside length or any similar belt make
  5. £ 1400 needs engine putting back together and fitting Red leather Automatic Should I take a chance
  6. 30.000 miles that is Thanks Harry please quote me, delivery to South Africa
  7. Picture is not a good reflection I admit,when zooming in it doesn't look great, its only a 30k car. I will have local gearbox company check it out. This part is beyond not obtainable out here unfortunatly
  8. Pic of my input shaft attached - cant see where the circlip would hold, looking down the input tube there does not seem to be a ridge of sorts to hold a clip
  9. As mentioned, there will be some different opinions, in the interim I spoke to previous owner who had the car for 4 years and no clutch/gearbox issues.He never changed clutch or removed the box. However I always believe it was fitted by the manafacturer then its there for a valid reason.
  10. I have a 81 S3 on removing gearbox the input shaft came out easily, presume missing circlip, previous owner was driving the car with no clutch / gearbox issues. Is the circlip required? Can it be fitted without a box stripdown ?
  11. What is the correct float level for Dellorto 45's My engine is non turbo
  12. I have a S3 n/a Is it neccessary to have a filter with a non return valve ? Any filters that can be recommended?
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