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  1. Looks like only US models had the accumulator. Does this sound right? If so, it's a shame as a defective accumulator can definitely give hot start problems according to my googling.
  2. Was watching an American car restorer on youtube rescue an Esprit from water damage and/or been left out in the elements for years. He referred to a fuel accumulator that apparently holds fuel pressure for about 24 hrs to thwart vapour locking. Would a faulty accumulator give me my symptoms? i.e. fine on cold starts, fine if restarted within a few minutes, 5-8 seconds cranking required if restarted any time from a few minutes upward until probably around 12 hours or more. Any comments appreciated.
  3. Installed the new IAC. No difference unfortunately. Still hard to start when hot or even slightly warm. It really needs an overnight rest before it starts first pop. Which values should I be checking in freescan to hunt down this problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks John. I hope to avoid having to taking the car to the big smoke (Auckland). It's about 6 hours away but I'll definitely give these guys a call. Cheers. Dunlops, directional, about 80% tread and wearing evenly from what I can see.
  5. Okay. Thanks. I ordered that one.
  6. Hi Barry. Is that link the actual part required? Just wanted to check before ordering
  7. Thanks Barry. Could you confirm the IAC is the 217-427 version to use?
  8. Thanks for the input guys. It's a bit of a mission finding competent specialists here in the backwoods of NZ. It's almost good to know that you think that some of the alignment values are way out. It gives me hope that the steering issues are fixable. Mine is the only Esprit I've ever driven so I was unsure what they are supposed to feel like. I'm confident the car has not had a shunt. Bodywork is totally original.
  9. I now have the cable and freescan's up and running. What should I be checking to identify the idle issue? I'm tempted to get a new IAC valve (assuming 217-427?) as a first port of call, but if freescan can narrow it down, that would obviously be better. I installed new RC injectors a few weeks ago but that didn't help the hot start issue.
  10. My '89 SE has always tramlined badly. On uneven roads (loads here in NZ) the car gets pulled around something shocking. Even on flat roads the car needs to be steered constantly. A few weeks after I got the car (Jan '20) I had a wheel alignment done. It didn't seem to make any difference to the tramlining. Results of caster adjustment were (before correction, Min, Target, Max, after correction): Left +00deg 23 min, +01deg 0 min, +01deg 15min, +01deg 30min, +00deg 19min. Right +00deg 01min, +01deg 00min, +01deg 15min, +01deg 30min, -00deg 01min. Hope this makes sense. Essentially, the "after correction" caster values are still outside minima and maxima. If anyone can interpret them and advise whether these values would be more likely to cause the tramlining, it would be appreciated. I had decided to just live with it but after a long trip away last weekend, it bugged me too much. Full report attached.
  11. Hi Jukka. I checked out your video, but couldn't see the bars. Could you point me to where they are shown or maybe upload a pic? many thanks and loved the video.
  12. Hi Jukka. Thanks for that. Brilliant idea. I noticed on the above diagram that the struts went on the INside of the bracket. Not sure if this was an error on the diagram but I switched to this side anyway. It seems to be working well at the moment - any pressure on the bracket is now working against the bend, if this makes sense.
  13. I have the exact same issue on my SE. If I'm getting low on fuel, I just turn the lights on - it gives me another couple of gallons! I remember the same thing happened in all of my old Fiat 124 sports (about 10 over the years). Did you end up sorting this? I replaced the walnut dash fascia so have had the whole binnacle off several times, therefore plugging/unplugging connectors, so they should be fine. They certainly looked in good condition.
  14. Thanks Bibs. Yep, that's the bolt I took off but the bracket doesn't seem to want to budge. I think a little more judicious whacking with a hammer may stir some movement.
  15. Hi all. My SE has the left hand locking strut which is a great idea as long as the person shutting the tailgate knows how it works. Mine has obviously suffered from a few individuals trying to close the tailgate just by pushing it down. The result is the upper bracket bending and the strut popping off. I want to remove the bracket to have it properly straightened and maybe strengthened, but can only see one bolt that looks like it secures the bracket, but removing it doesn't seem to release the bracket. Anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix that can be done in situ? I have some new RC injectors to fit and don't want the tailgate (which appears to make up about half the weight of the entire car) to come down on my unprotected baldy bonce!
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