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  1. that's great thankyou for that will do,.many thanks
  2. morning all due to a large work order we need our workshop back,and have no where else to store our 78 504,so regrettably we will have to move it on,you can see the pictures on my previous posts,wanted to offer it on here for a real enthusiast before heading down the eBay route,if interested send me a message for more details,many thanks shaun
  3. hi and good morning what are you looking price wise for it
  4. One pesky door rebuilt and fitted and working perfectly,nice one to the old man
  5. Quite partial to a pint of wherry ,after spending a few years up in Norfolk,good choice,I will have a word
  6. Ha he actually doesn’t mind this sort of tedium although thankfully it’s only the one,if you can swing free beer for me I will put a word in
  7. I actually quite like it colour coded but it will almost definitely go back to spec mike
  8. Evening all here’s a few photos of the lotus on the day we bought it and the pesky door rebuild which the old man has just completed,
  9. hey thankyou we are down in cornwall I'm pretty sure the interior hasn't been touched it's only the last few years it's been left to the elements,got one nasty tear in the passenger seat but apart from that the leather ain't half bad
  10. I can confirm the colour is pearlescent white which I'm led to believe was brought in by lotus st the same time as the release of the 2.2 engine,I think!
  11. it was done pretty well but has blistered as standard,having done some research the white was only released by lotus in about 81 so sometime after that,everything else is good apart from we are missing a rear wiper motor that is proving difficult to get hold of
  12. hi and thankyou both really nice colours based down in cornwall on bodmin moor,still need to think about the colour but everything seems fairly tidy so far
  13. it is pretty badly blistered so will need a respray,the colour is up for discussion pretty sure originally it was that brownie gold colour
  14. Thankyou very much really looking forward to getting proper stuck in to it
  15. Is it wrong to be so happy with a headlining on our newly acquired 78 504 elite
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