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  1. Hi Mike, yes plus the rear diffuser and rear section around the lights.
  2. Another original V6, these will be classics soon with all the new models being released!
  3. Will do indeed. I will look forward to it! It will be good to see what you have in when I'm there. By then you'll probably have the EX500 as a demo!
  4. Hi Dave, Interesting and good to hear! It's due a service around May and want to bring it to you, so was thinking of manifolds/cats at that time. Don't want to go too far with it and also want to keep the standard silencer. I bet the 460's epic, maybe best I don't as then I'll want that and then it's one big slippery slope from there ha ha.
  5. Just don't fancy the engine coming out really. Hopefully somebody knows on here.
  6. Hi All, I currently have the EX370 kit on my Exige, and was wondering if I changed the manifolds/cats to give around 400BHP if it would take its toll on the clutch? Cars on 8K and driven occasionally and not tracked. Cheers
  7. This colour is becoming as common as muck!
  8. That is absolutely awesome! I take it you used a foam stamp to get the coverage?
  9. These look really smart and would look spot on with the Komo-Tec filter! Just noticed I don't have a rear engine cover, and noticed other cars have them missing too. Maybe they forgot about them on the later V6 cars...
  10. That would make sense, I actually heard it on a clip on youtube. A white V6S pulling out and accelerating hard off the line and you could make out the chirp from first to second.
  11. Hi Arun, Exactly harsh I would say too. I rarely drive it and it did it when I first bought it when I nearly stalled it giving it far too high revs, since then I forgot about it and it's been driven and services by Lotus Silverstone. It is Chris Buer's old liquid yellow car so think it was treated well, just a few track days and only 8k on the clock.
  12. Hi all, As above just noticed this when changing from first to second at 7k, very brief right on the change. Almost sounds like a belt. Clutch is perfect and not noticed it third to forth. Was hoping it's not clutch slip... Cheers
  13. That is simply stunning! What a lovely blue that is! Union Jack delete makes it cleaner in my opinion
  14. I have some ramps which are over 6ft with 6.8 degree incline which I know fit with clearance on the front, even though haven't used them yet. They are 8" high, is the back end of the car where the issue could be to why jacking may be best? Sounds a joy! I think the Noble GTO had well over 100x on the rear tray and diffuser, so hopefully not that many!
  15. Top man, cheers Dave. Luckily I have some race ramps with the extenders, so hopefully will be pretty straight forward to get it off!
  16. Is this washer bottle/pump located in the front wheel arch, or do you have to access from underneath? I would be so grateful if someone would tell me before a tear the car apart. My car is a 2015. Many Thanks
  17. My V6 does this with 8k on the clock. Lotus Silverstone never picked up on anything in the last recent service and road test. Seen other vids of Evora / Exige V6's doing exactly the same. My Noble GTO did it too.
  18. It's embarrassing that Lotus didn't learn from TVR of all people from the first instance! Pretty obvious not to do it, or at the very least add some fine mesh to stop the inevitable.
  19. Cheers guys. I just wondered how difficult it was to change? I have 2 weeks left of warranty! But I'd rather do it in my garage if it's simple?
  20. Hi All, Just noticed the pump must have gone as no screenwash or pump sound, completely dead. Are these easier enough to change? Many Thanks
  21. Funnily enough I did what Chris Buer was going to do to his car, to his car! If he did it I may never have been fortunate enough to buy it!
  22. I imagine there's a good chance it could run lean if no alterations are made to the AFR, as it's much more free flowing now. Others would know a lot more than I do!
  23. After doing a good 100 miles today, it just seems better and better. It seems to have really eliminated heat soak which it used to suffer, and that's driving in this heat stop starting in traffic etc. Not sure if that could be down to changing the ducting linked to the intake for a revotec silver silicone version, over the rusty original black one, so could help with reflecting the heat a bit, negligible I would imagine. It really does seem potent now, you hardly have to use the revs like before. It honestly now seems faster than my old M12 GTO which I had mapped to 348 bhp and apparently wei
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