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  1. Big shout out to Dave for all his help in remotely guiding me through the ECU flash for the Komo-Tec EX370 . Couldn't recommend you guys enough and thanks for everything. What a difference that kit makes! I am really surprised even in this hot weather how much increase there feels in torque and top end grunt, plus oil temps seem lower now around 85ish, from 88ish. The sound is awesome and really adds to the drama with the windows down! I must say it feels a lot more than 15 BHP, and feels more like the difference I had from a remap in a Noble GTO I had a few years back from 310 - 34
  2. Good old tin snips! I see so quite restrictive, potentially. Maybe when it comes out I may go for the komo-tec filter. Is the installation fairly straight forward? Can the ECU reflash be sent? It would be nice to put it back to standard easily too.
  3. I see, so the flap must be located between parts 3 - 7 from the diagram posted by Bibs? Any noticeable benefits to doing this mod? Later cars being the 350? An onboard clip of your Komo-Tec filter would be good to hear, it looks a quality bit of kit. Cheers
  4. Interesting stuff indeed. I just saw it and thought WTF! Maybe I'll leave it for now, but the flap sounds a good idea. Why would they have done that? It would be nice if the car had a throatier roar. Thanks a lot guys for all your help here, it's really appreciated.
  5. Hi Jonny, So do they all the V6 Evoras/Exiges have it, or is it a left over US part they used maybe? Did it improve sound/response when removed? How did you remove it? Thanks a lot.
  6. Thank you very much for that, most helpful and really good of you. That would make sense for MAF readings. I wonder if it was just on the later V6's. I just thought it was odd when I saw it. I guess a Komo-Tec filter would sort that. I wonder if anyone has one of these on a standard exhaust, as I imagine it must sound awesome. Probably still not quite as good as a CSL air airbox.
  7. Hi Bibs, cheers! Indeed nothing there on the diagram. It's plastic riveted into part no.2 so you can't see the actual plastic from the inside, just a meshed filter that effectively sits on top of the replacement filter. It looks factory fitted my car is a 2015. I wondered if it was for noise restrictions...It must stop a lot of air flow. Cheers
  8. Morning All, Just joined here after 6 months of owning such a great car! I have just replaced the old air filter for the TRD and noticed a secondary filter inside the lid? What is that all about? Never seen this before. Many Thanks.
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