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  1. I have a 2015 V6S and would like to replace the bonnet badge. My new one just has plastic pillars, but I've read that some are a front clam off job, due to having nuts on the back? Cheers.
  2. Those one slip at high RPM, I was amazed what difference it made when fitted with a gatorback at my first service of owning the car, it was only on 5K at the time.
  3. Not unless you're serious about tracking the car and getting serious. The KT370 kit certainly helps with heat soak. Not sure if that kit is compatible with a 380 though?
  4. Save yourself thousands and get a V6S, superb. At the end of the day they are all great cars. I prefer the look of the early cars, regardless. But each to their own.
  5. That is an old version, you are right they were superseded with a gatorback (well were on the Exige). That is certainly inferior.
  6. Thomas, you were certainly right!! Back on Track checked it out and found it was loose. Very odd when it's never been touched as far as I'm aware, that is. So thanks very much for that
  7. Thanks to you Herald, you made my afternoon, top man! I never even knew that
  8. Today I replaced the KT EX370 filter element for a new one and at full throttle hits the limiter at 6500 RPM. It had done this a while back prior to fitting new plugs, which sorted that in conjunction with a slight rough idle, but alas it's doing it again, but without the rough idle. Plugs were replaced about 100 miles ago. I am running the KT map as part of the kit, and have been for nearly 2 years now. Just wondering what it could be? No warning lights. Cheers.
  9. Cheers George. Once Back on Track are open again I'll let them have a look at it when they do the service. It think it the heat shield under the boot floor.
  10. Oh dear this sounds like a problem then. Is this common? Never heard of it before. Had your car been tracked? How do bolts just come loose holding a strut in place? Sounds awful if that is happening on these cars! Maybe they were never tight from the factory and skimped on using nylocs?
  11. Just manage to inspect through the wheel with an inspection mirror using a very bright torch, they all look to be tight. The tamper paint is still intact on all the bolts that hold the brackets in, and nothing looks to have moved. Obviously without dropping the shock, I can't see the top bolt. Hopefully it's ok, but thanks for that.
  12. Oh dear, thanks for that. Do you mean on the rear? How easy is that to check? Not taken this car to pieces before, as have tried not to, from all the other ones I have! Cheers
  13. Interesting, was your gear change bad? Mine is only over bumps (bigger harsher ones) I may have figured mine out this afternoon. The heat shield above the exhaust seemed to be the culprit in my case, where it meets the boot. Wedged an angled piece of polyurethane in there, shaped so it can't come out. Driving it will be the real test, however when I thump the floor it seems to have gone! Took ages to find what would work and locate the noise. The floor is directly riveted to the secondary heat shield which doesn't make it easy!
  14. Hi All, Hope you're all well. I think for as long as I've had the car over some bumps, there is a thud. Sounds like the boot floor as when you lightly "punch" it there is vibration, and I wonder if it's this? How on earth do you remove/check fixings? The carpet is obviously first obstacle. Battery is fixed properly too. Nothing else seems loose. Cheers!
  15. To be honest gloss looks best, but I would say that! Ha ha. But then I think the original V6 S was the best looking over all the new ones, less fussy. Yes the wheels are gloss black too, so is the splitter, diffuser, intakes boot lid and spoiler. You saw it at the factory? It was Chris Buer's car. The roof looks better in body colour in my opinion, but each to their own.
  16. Have you checked the plunger on the bonnet catch? This often messes about depending on temperature I've found. Almost needs a bit of tape or something to make sure it plunges deep enough.
  17. Looks great. I have the same lights, but haven't seen them outside yet. Sidelights being on will solve that darker red. I guess it depends on lighting/shadowing. Are you running AD08R tyres? If so, how do you find them?
  18. That's true Bibs, not driven for nearly 2 weeks, and the Lotus for 3 months. Of course everyone's health is priority for sure. I guess it's different for commercial vehicles, my mates still working at Mercedes! Ha ha dogging; well the majority of truck drivers will be good then! All the best to you all.
  19. Not sure if many of your cars are coming up for their annual service? I can't get hold of Back on Track or any dealers at the moment, Howard's are closed because of the virus. Are all the dealers closing during this crisis? Stay safe and healthy. Cheers
  20. Just when I was thinking how do I get my car serviced (not that it needs one!) due to this damn virus! Quite a good "excuse" why cars won't have been serviced around this time.
  21. Hopefully gaskets are now included, as there's been no mention of this. Certainly a fundamental component.
  22. I get you here George, that is why I'm so paranoid about mine! It can take the fun out of it a bit. My hat goes off to you using yours properly though
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