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  1. On 30/04/2020 at 16:25, TBD said:

    Yes, the rears.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to see it either. In fact, I had the car up 3 or 4 times before we found it. It was only upon removal, when we couldn't pull the shock that we realised the bolt was blocking it.

    Thomas, you were certainly right!! Back on Track checked it out and found it was loose. Very odd when it's never been touched as far as I'm aware, that is. So thanks very much for that:thumbup:

  2. Today I replaced the KT EX370 filter element for a new one and at full throttle hits the limiter at 6500 RPM. It had done this a while back prior to fitting new plugs, which sorted that in conjunction with a slight rough idle, but alas it's doing it again, but without the rough idle. Plugs were replaced about 100 miles ago. I am running the KT map as part of the kit, and have been for nearly 2 years now. Just wondering what it could be? No warning lights.


  3. Interesting, was your gear change bad? Mine is only over bumps (bigger harsher ones)

    I may have figured mine out this afternoon. The heat shield above the exhaust seemed to be the culprit in my case, where it meets the boot. Wedged an angled piece of polyurethane in there, shaped so it can't come out. Driving it will be the real test, however when I thump the floor it seems to have gone! Took ages to find what would work and locate the noise. The floor is directly riveted to the secondary heat shield which doesn't make it easy!

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  4. To be honest gloss looks best, but I would say that! Ha ha. But then I think the original V6 S was the best looking over all the new ones, less fussy. Yes the wheels are gloss black too, so is the splitter, diffuser, intakes boot lid and spoiler. You saw it at the factory? It was Chris Buer's car. The roof looks better in body colour in my opinion, but each to their own. 

  5. That's true Bibs, not driven for nearly 2 weeks, and the Lotus for 3 months. Of course everyone's health is priority for sure. I guess it's different for commercial vehicles, my mates still working at Mercedes!


    Ha ha dogging; well the majority of truck drivers will be good then!


    All the best to you all.

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  6. Not sure if many of your cars are coming up for their annual service? I can't get hold of Back on Track or any dealers at the moment, Howard's are closed because of the virus. Are all the dealers closing during this crisis?

    Stay safe and healthy.


  7. 8 hours ago, GFWilliams said:

    Liquid Yellow is a 3 stage pearl paint, so it has a coat of yellow paint, then over it goes about 2 or 3 stages of pearl. The problem being that that pearl stage varies depending on paint manufacturer, how thick each coat is, even the angle of the spray gun.  So if you ever get even a small scratch, or stone chips, etc, you can't blow in a section, you have to respray the whole car to get a good finish. I want to respray the car to make my car perfect again, but don't want to have LY again when it would just mean I'm in this situation again if anything happens.

    I get you here George, that is why I'm so paranoid about mine! It can take the fun out of it a bit. My hat goes off to you using yours properly though:thumbup:

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