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  1. Hi Chris thank you for warning, I have installed Cohen submersible hoses. cheers Ruud.
  2. Hi Mike, I disassembled the fuel pumps and found out that the fuel lines were not tight enough and to my opnion unable to keep the fuel pressure optimal. Temporary I added extra clamps to be "sure" that there were no pressure leaks. Starting the engine - and after some struggle - she runs and stay running! I will replace the fuel lines and clamps and I consider the problem solved! Thank you Mike and the other members of the forum for their input for helping me !!
  3. Hi Mike, I have had very little time to work on the Esprit. I have replaced the fuel regulator with no result. So I maybe have to replace the primary pump despite its age and very little use... Other suggestions?
  4. Thanks Mike, he was my friend!
  5. Hi Paul, Do you happen to know the wrench width of the sleeve with which the dipstick tube is attached in the block? I have to correct the depth of the tube.. Thanks. Cheers, Ruud Hensbergen.
  6. Mike thank you very much for your remark. In the service Notes Section EMM.2 is noted that the fuel pressure should be between 45 - 73 psi depending on operation conditions. So the fuel pressure in my car is too low. I will check the fuel pressure regulator and keep you informed...
  7. Hi Dave and Chris, this weekend I was able to measure the fuel pressure. Contact on, secondary pump running; 30psi. When starting (included primary pump) 40psi. Then after 5sec. engine cuts off - fuel pressure is at that point still there(!). Engine is off and the pressure falls directly. Also when I put contact on (in ignition position - so secondary pump runs) and turn it off - the fuel pressure immediately is gone. So my assumption is: there are no non return valve(s). Or fails?
  8. Thank you Michael and Dave for your videos and info, next week I will dive into it! Wish you a happy new year and all Lotuses run well!
  9. Hi Micheal, thank you for your hint for the -4an adapter! I will find a supplier in the Netherlands. I will replace the "old" hoses when I have to take the pumps out again. Dave, I am not sure if there are non-return valves fitted. As soon as I get the -4an adapter I will know a lot more and let you know.
  10. Hereby some pictures of the pump units And the tank connector.
  11. Dear Michael and Chris, thank you both for your participation in my problem. I have taken the pumps out and the fuel lines are still "soft" and not ruptured. On the bench both pumps are running well (by ear), also the connectors on the pumps and at the top of the tank closure (the yellow one) look like new. I still haven't found out the type thread of the connection of the Shraeder valve to check the fuel pressure.
  12. Hi Freek, thank you for your reply, do you know the shraeder valve has the same thread dimension and pitch on the V8 in comparison to 4 cylinder? I hope it does... Thanks, bedankt, Ruud. Hi Chris, the kit is no longer available from Amazon probably due to quality....
  13. Dear all, does anyone knows the type of thread used for the Shraeder valve in the fuel line for fitting, or even better the correct connector? Thanks for letting me know, Regards Ruud.
  14. Hi Chris, I will test the fuel pressure with the secondary pump disabled. If I test the pumps with OBDII I can hear the difference between the two pumps; not that the primary rotates slower, just you can hear the sound from deeper out of the tank. I surely will check the pressure and keep you posted! Thanks for your suggestion. cheers Ruud.
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