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  1. Probably irrelevant, but I had the same on my XC60 and it was the windscreen seal. The windscreen looked sealed/perfect so I doubted Volvo and thought it was the Pano-roof leaking and water finding a route down, but sure enough re-sealing the windscreen fixed the leak.
  2. Great writing, thank you! I could really picture the scenario. I'm irrationally delicate about an "S", I'd be beyond paranoid in a new 410. Good on you for still giving it a go!
  3. ...just remembered last Sunday day out in the Peaks (Baslow road, A619 I think) saw a 211 and a lime green Elise (may have been an Exige as my memory is rubbish!) shortly after one another. Nice to see, no waves as you'd have thought the XC60 driver was weird. First time I've seen a 211 I think, looked amazing among the family wagons trundling along, even my wife commented "that's nice" - high praise indeed!
  4. Wowser! I've had so many blue cars I've now sworn off them, but that does look absolutely brilliant. Good choice sir
  5. Nice! Before you had to reverse it out, did you just sit in an armchair on the drive with a fat cigar initially just saying "please just leave it here, or anywhere really, it's just one of MANY being delivered today". I'd have been tempted
  6. "super sharp" is a great description! It really does look perfect. I've never even been close/rich enough to getting a car "delivered"! How did it go? Presumably a better experience than a train slog, but did you miss that first drive back home?
  7. Sorry, had no time to note the plate.
  8. Well, although I've not answered my original question, both evora driver and passenger(!!) waved like crazy to me today. Warm happy feelings returned
  9. Having only owned mine for less than a month, was elated to see another Evora. Near Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. I was travelling back after picking up my 2 boys from them staying with grandparents for a few days (joys of summer holiday juggling childcare). I'd just had a bloke agree/joke with me about "practical family car" in Blyth services as I effortlessly (almost) fitted bags and offspring into it, was tootling back home, feeling smug in my practical sports car, when a beautiful be-winged yellow 4xx was seen by all in my car coming round the bend in front of me. I gave as big a thumbs up as my startled brain could summon up, the two occupants of the other car looked as surprised as me and seemed to jump forward to give full-on waves! Brilliant work!! #wishiboughtayellowone. Your car looked awesome whoever you are. Jaimie
  10. Thanks to bravo73 and theelanman...looks like I'll be calling ES tomorrow.
  11. Thanks all, a few options to try then. Seems strange to me so many vagaries in design for what you'd think should be a fairly standard cross-manufacturer part. I was thinking I need one for track days, but on the road how do tow-truck companies manage - do they just attach something to a structural part of the chassis if they need to?
  12. Hi-de-hi campers, Apologies, I've tried Google and searching the forum but can't find an answer. I'm missing the front towing eye from a MY11 Evora. It seems to be >£60 via deroure and not in stock, which seems expensive. Is there an alternative (and cheaper!) option? Many thanks, Jaimie
  13. All good stuff, thanks all...I'll keep waving then, someone surely will give me a back eventually!
  14. Very under-rated cars! The Oz/muscle car feeling helped! I re-badged mine as much Holden R8 as I could, sounded like thunder with tweaks. I'm embarrassed to say the only problem being it was too big for my work underground car park. Yes, I'm an idiot!
  15. An etiquette question - I'm new to Lotus ownership, although have owned a VX200T many years ago. I've only had an Evora for 3 weeks, been dying to see another so I can give a dumb-ass big smile and cheery thumbs up to one coming in the other direction. Looking at the numbers on the road in the country, despite my exuberance, that is unlikely to happen more then once per year if I'm lucky. So...the question is.. after passing/faced this past week a few Elise's who ignored my 'thumbs-up' or "wave" that I was quietly (but subtlety and nay, desperately trying to say "WE BOTH HAVE LOTI, WE KNOW MORE THAN THE OTHER'S WHO ARE MORONS!") saying "hi!" to them. Is the evora regarded differently compared to more hard-core Lotus cars, or are we still in one big happy family? My old Land Rover creates waves of despair/passion every time you pass another. Am I missing a hierarchy here? Or should I continue the brand loyalty and general "we're in this together/blimey, we are driving the best cars on the road" feeling?
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