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  1. jimn, See my earlier post. I have no idea exactly what they did but Mark was a very happy bunny with whatever HPE did. It sounded like a machining fault on the bushes but not sure what needed to be fixed. Andy
  2. Sam, Found a note from Mark... The problem was found by Dan at It's possible that the problem you have is not the same but worth a try....
  3. Sam, I think the fix was just some minor matching of the bushes... I'm assuming it's a manufacturing fault that was only on some bushes. I think we're only talking about a thou or two... I'll send you Marks contact details via PM tomorrow. Andy
  4. Well it's hard to say that the handling is much better as I've only managed to do about 50 miles since fitting. But, yes it feels like it is to me and I can easily tweek things how I want. BUT... the guy I sold them too discovered what the problem is! Apparently it's the bushes that are at fault... I don't know the details but I can put you in touch with him if you want.... IIRC the wrong size allows the shock to move in the Bush and then it knocks. Andy
  5. As an update... @tomprout I have now fitted 3 ways to the car and have to say they are just perfect. No bangs or knocks or anything unexpected. Very happy bunny ! So far the handling seems exactly the same but don't want to drive it far until it's been in for a full geo. These ones are factory spec Cupsports with 500/850 springs (road spec rather than the factory 550/1100)
  6. For what it's worth .... this is the 350 airbox seems to be more domed than the 410 And you can just see the canister attached to the harness bar. quite different to the 410. Might have to be a move to the @alias23 air filter mod .... I wonder how that would affect my warranty ?
  7. @Bandit Thanks ... off side looks exactly the same .... just slightly awkward. Nearside is different ... Airboxes are completely different ... i'll post a photo or two when i get home. I'll have to have a chat with BackOnTrack or Analogue to see what they normally do.
  8. I've just fitted a new set of 3 ways onto my 350 sport. On the factory cars how do you access the canisters to adjust them ? Offside is accessible (a bit awkward) but the near side one is blocked off by the airbox and coolant (?) header. Are the cup etc cars different ? Anyone able to send a photo of the way it's set up ?
  9. Not totally ...... I had them rebuilt by Nitron (FOC) and they are quieter but still make some noise under specific circumstances (smallish pot holes). I'm currently awaiting for a new set of 3 ways, as I'm craving a bit more adjust-ability than the 1 ways can provide. (and everyone tells me they are quieter too) Anyone want a cheap set of NTR 46 one way adjustables (550/1100) 😂
  10. Any one going to the event this weekend ? Taking your cars ?
  11. I'm going to spend some time this weekend playing with my pressures as i feel the car on Nitrons feels much too "floaty". I was wondering what others are running ? Currently i'm running 28/32 with Nitron suspension and std Pirelli Corsa's
  12. @RedViper Do you find that changing the settings on the shocks makes any difference ? ie quieter on "Soft", noiser on "hard" ? Do you think is gets quieter as they "warm up" ? Just interested in your observations, so far. For reference, if it wasn't for the noise I'd be very happy, the car feels like it's on rails.
  13. Thanks Bibs.... i've already made contact, just waiting for a call back
  14. Thanks for the feedback ... i'm going to go have a chat with the nice people at Back on Track for a professional opinion.
  15. Seriously? Happy to accept that there is more road noise but this sounds like some is hitting the chassis with a hammer. If this is normal, they can have them back... 😡
  16. 550 with 60 helpers on 10 clicks from soft which the paperwork said was the factory base
  17. For those of you with Nitrons ..... just spend a good chunk of the weekend fitting a set of single adjustable refurbed Nitron 46's that i got from Nitron. Rears seem fine ... but the fronts make a significant bang going over the pot holes that pass as roads in Surrey..... Does anyone have the same issue ? Is this just the lack of bushes or could it be something else ? I've just rechecked the torque settings on the struts but they all seem correct. Thoughts ? Normal ? or is there an issue.... ie my incompetence with a spanner or a possible fault ?
  18. Steve, Thanks, I have a friendly trimmer who i could use but i was hoping to be able to fit/remove without to much hassle, so will have to obtain a new map for my 350. The foot rest in the link seems to stick to the sill/"tunnel", is that how yours fixes or have you stuck it to the floor ? Thx ... Andy
  19. Has anyone fitted a foot rest to a v6? Ie a RHD Version of How did handle the fully carpeted foot well? Did you shorten the mat and cut the side covers? Cheers.
  20. I've just acquired a very cheap set of Nitrons (single adjustable 46's) though a friend with "connections" .... they have on them 550/850 springs according to the build sheet. I see that on the Nitron website the Club Sport's are 450/600, the NTR fast roads are 425/550 and the full Race specs are 550/1100 so I'm concerned they are going to be too stiff for mainly road use on Surrey's shitty roads. What are other people running ? Are mine too stiff their intended use ? Or should I fit them and see what i think ? Thanks in advance .... Andy
  21. Thanks @MrP_ I was asking for reference mainly as i've just acquired a very cheap set of Nitrons (single adjustable 46's) though a friend with "connections" .... they have on them 550/850. Not sure if they arn't going to be too stiff for mainly road use on Surrey's shitty roads. I note that the Nitron Club Sport's are 450/600, the NTR fast roads are 425/550 and the full Race specs are 550/1100
  22. Anyone know what the spring rates are off a MY17/18 350 Sport ? (Bilstien shocks) .... I thought i saw a reference too something like 280/380 (F/R) but can't find that anymore. Thx ... Andy
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