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  1. Mike, fantastic response and insight into the v8 so thank you for sharing your knowledge. It sounds like the best advice is to not be put off by a v8 but look out for unmodified cars that have been owned and maintained well. Mike, do you or any specialists offer any Pre purchase inspection service? Trev
  2. Does off the shelf mean engine replacement? What exactly is the failure cause for the v8, is it an issue with the cylinder liners sealant or are there multiple failure points? If it’s the liners does anyone offer a rebuild service to remove and install new/better liners that you could do as a preventative measure. Trev
  3. Hi all I am currently on the hunt for an Esprit and considering a S4s, v8 or gt3. However the earlier banana dash interior is something I am struggling with and is pushing me towards a later 98 onwards car with the revised dash. Are there any options to update the interior look of cars with banana dashboards? I’ve seen a lot of cars with the wooden trim and dash facings which I personally don’t like so can these be replaced? I noticed that earlier gt3’s have the banana dash but they don’t have the wood facing and I think this looks much better so is this something that could be easily achieved on an older car? Trev I also stumbled across a company called Caral Automotive that make updated dash but not sure if they are still in business and what the conversion cost might be? Anyone have any info on this?
  4. Ok trying to broaden my options and what esprit I would consider. With v8’s what is the estimated rebuild cost for an engine? Also can preventative work be done on any car that hasn’t been rebuilt e.g strip engine and strengthen internals etc and if so what sort of budget should I allow? I did so something similar with my e-type in having a specialist go through my car and us do an overhaul on engine, fuel system etc and it was a worthwhile investment for peace of mind and having the car running as it should. Trev
  5. There is a lovely looking v8 coming up for sale at auction that is perfect spec but I just don’t know if the worry of engine problems would be a constant thought at the back of my mind and detract from the enjoyment of ownership.
  6. I saw the orange one a while ago and doesn’t see to have sold so I’ll check with dealer and doesn’t mention mileage either. Ticks a lot of boxes with late interior binnacle and rear wing but really wanted a yellow car (not making the search easy for myself). There is a yellow gt3 on autotrader but that must be one of the earlier gt3’s as it has the banana binnacle. Trev
  7. Ok I’ve done a bit of reading yesterday to better understand models and differences and starting to build a picture of car I would like. The v8 is out I think because of big bills if any engine issues. The S4s looks fantastic on the outside and seems like it’s in the sweet spot for performance at 300bhp. However the interior really isn’t for me and that was what pushed me to a later esprit in the first place. That then leaves the gt3 which has the updated interior but lacks some of the exterior drama of the s4s and some performance which I think I could live with. So the car I want looks like a late model v8 but with a 4 cylinder. I think that’s means gt3 with some exterior cosmetic changes (arches, wing) as I haven’t been able to find any s4s esprit owners that have managed to update the interior. What’s the general view on modifying Esprits. Do many owners update cars etc or is it a big no no in the community? Trev
  8. Any advice on prices to pay for good late 90's cars as budget is also a factor?
  9. Ahh Sparky, your car was in the Evo Esprit test I was referring to. Stunning car and what a good review. You also have the only colour I would consider for an Esprit. Looks amazing
  10. Thanks for the advice so far. I haven't read your post Sparky but will have a look now. I've just read a few journo articles saying that the GT3 is the best handling. I do love the V8 looks though with the high rear wing, wider arches, bigger wheels etc but I am sure you could make your Esprit the way you want but important to get the car that feels right. I am based in Warwickshire, UK so if anyone fancies showing me round an Esprit then I would happily take up the offer. Otherwise if there are any events on to meet a few owners that would be great.
  11. Hi all I am new to looking at Esprits and considering ownership as my next bucket list car. Having ticked the Aston Martin box and E-type jag I am looking for a replacement weekend toy and I can't stop looking at late model year esprit's. They were a poster car for me as a kid so I am very seriously looking at them at the moment. I've been looking at late 90's V8's but prices seem to have really ramped up from the last time I looked as with a lot of used cars. So am also considering a GT3. I've not considered a 4 cylinder car before as the V8 was always the car I had assumed was the one to have but I've seen a few articles suggesting the GT3 is a brilliant car in the range. As I've got older the desire for straight line speed isn't something that is hugely important to me, but I want a car that will feel special and not feel underpowered. Does anyone have any advice for an Esprit novice on which car might be right for me, either v8 and GT3? Are there any guides, threads etc I should start reading and what price should I look at paying for a good example of either late 90's GT3 or a V8? Thanks Trev
  12. Wow, that is stunning. Amazing what a difference the changes have made to your car. I am starting to look at Evoras and aquamarine wasn’t a colour I’d considered but have to say it looks fantastic in your pictures so firmly on the list now. Trev
  13. Yeah, I know the score. Might have to widen my search criteria or start stalking owners of green cars. Ideally I want a metallic colour, they seem to look particularly good on the Evora to my eyes
  14. Very useful, thanks. Your right the 2+2 coupe is a dying breed. Had considered a jaguar xkr-s but rear seats are a joke, test drove a Lexus rc-f but couldn’t get on with the looks and too big and heavy, Maserati granturismo not blown away by looks and more a GT so not much to choose if you want something fairly sporting to drive. The only other car I’ve really considered was a BMW i8. Went to see one about a month ago, there is a lot to like. Cheapish to run, supercar looks and more sports car than GT. Only issue is long term running costs and how much things like battery packs will cost to replace etc as its a bit of an unknown. I did look at an M2 at the same dealer which are supposed to be cracking to drive but just didn’t feel special. Will try and find a day/weekend to do some back to back test drives to make final judgment but I think the Evora has a lot going for it, just need to find a green one Trev
  15. Thanks for all the comments, I am currently on holiday so have been doing a bit of reading and the more I look at the evora the more they appeal. There was actually a perfect spec 997.2 c4s that’s just come up for sale but at £52k I am starting to think the lotus is somewhat of a bargain. It’s also interesting to hear the comparisons between the V8 Vantage. That was actually my previous car. I loved the way it looked, sounded and just how special it felt, something I think the Porsche won’t be able to match. But I really want a set of rear seats and the bigger Aston’s like Db9, virage and rapide don’t float my boat. I’d love a Vanquish but they are big money so Evora could well be a good choice as something exciting to look at and with the ability to carry the family. Spec wise I like the sports racers as I like the black pack options and seems to offer good spec level etc. However colour would have to be motorsport green. Is there any way to know how many green cars were produced? Trev
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