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  1. Wow, that is stunning. Amazing what a difference the changes have made to your car. I am starting to look at Evoras and aquamarine wasn’t a colour I’d considered but have to say it looks fantastic in your pictures so firmly on the list now. Trev
  2. Yeah, I know the score. Might have to widen my search criteria or start stalking owners of green cars. Ideally I want a metallic colour, they seem to look particularly good on the Evora to my eyes
  3. Very useful, thanks. Your right the 2+2 coupe is a dying breed. Had considered a jaguar xkr-s but rear seats are a joke, test drove a Lexus rc-f but couldn’t get on with the looks and too big and heavy, Maserati granturismo not blown away by looks and more a GT so not much to choose if you want something fairly sporting to drive. The only other car I’ve really considered was a BMW i8. Went to see one about a month ago, there is a lot to like. Cheapish to run, supercar looks and more sports car than GT. Only issue is long term running costs and how much things like battery packs will cost to replace etc as its a bit of an unknown. I did look at an M2 at the same dealer which are supposed to be cracking to drive but just didn’t feel special. Will try and find a day/weekend to do some back to back test drives to make final judgment but I think the Evora has a lot going for it, just need to find a green one Trev
  4. Thanks for all the comments, I am currently on holiday so have been doing a bit of reading and the more I look at the evora the more they appeal. There was actually a perfect spec 997.2 c4s that’s just come up for sale but at £52k I am starting to think the lotus is somewhat of a bargain. It’s also interesting to hear the comparisons between the V8 Vantage. That was actually my previous car. I loved the way it looked, sounded and just how special it felt, something I think the Porsche won’t be able to match. But I really want a set of rear seats and the bigger Aston’s like Db9, virage and rapide don’t float my boat. I’d love a Vanquish but they are big money so Evora could well be a good choice as something exciting to look at and with the ability to carry the family. Spec wise I like the sports racers as I like the black pack options and seems to offer good spec level etc. However colour would have to be motorsport green. Is there any way to know how many green cars were produced? Trev
  5. Hi all After not even contemplating any Lotus as a possible next car I now have 2 on my short list up against a Porsche 997.2 C4S. I'd started looking at S3 Exige's and hadn't really considered the Evora as I've never found them particularly desirable to look at until I saw a Evora S today in the flesh in Motorsport green. Car had black roof and side skirts and looked the business. The only area I wasn't too keen on was the nose which looks too thin and pointy but otherwise it looked spot on. So I've now added the Evora to my short list to go test drive but wondering what flavour I should be considering. I also have a 2 year old so the prospect of him sitting in the back is also appealing but how feasible is this? I do have a few reservations though which are around quality and spec. The early non S cars look incredible value but how good/bad are they in terms of quality, particularly inside. Also what is the performance like and how would one compare with a 997 C4S? Were there significant upgrades in terms of performance and quality and is there a sweet spot in the range? Obviously a new GT 430 would be nice but I've got max budget really in the low £40k's so what would you go for? Also if anyone has any experience of the Evora vs Porsche 997 I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on how they compare. Thanks Trev
  6. That is kind of what I thought with the Exige 4C concept. If I could find a car that was damaged it wouldn't feel like such sacrilege to change the styling and give the car a new lease of life.
  7. Bit more work on the back of the car, thoughts?
  8. Did you see a car with the leather dash option, think it goes some way to covering all that horrible plastic
  9. Seems no one really likes the idea of the Exige 4C concept but I'll soldier on a little with some rough designs to see if I can win some more of you around. As a community it seems Lotus owners are no strangers to chopping and changing parts on their cars like brakes, shocks, aero, wheels etc so what's different between swapping the front clam. If it can be reverse engineered to be easily removed then surely this is just another retro fit modification. Here are some different headlight options, any better? Trev
  10. At last something positive :).
  11. I am an Art Director, working mainly in digital design, responsible for the creative delivery of marketing/promoting London. So yes definitely not a car designer by any stretch but I love car design and playing around in my spare time. I've always found cars a good outlet from the day to day and love building, designing and fabricating. A few years ago I looked at the feasibility of creating a re-imagination of the De Tomaso Pantera using a donor chassis. It never happened by I definitely have the desire to create some sort of custom car in my lifetime, a bit like the couples that go on grand designs and build the house of their dreams. Here are a few pics from the project sketches.
  12. Hi all I started a post in the Exige section just about a possible coach building project which hasn't gone down well so thought I'd say hi in here and share a few pics of current car. I currently have a 1967 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-type finished in Opalescent silver grey. I bought the car over 3 years ago as a car I always lusted over and it hasn't disappointed but I am now selling it as looking for some cheaper, usable and more modern as a replacement so am considering an Exige V6 S. Anyway here are a few pics of the old girl, I am based in Warwickshire so would be good to meet a few Exige owners and have a chat and look round some cars. At 6ft 3" I am not sure I'll fit into one yet but having owned the jag my general rule is, if you want something enough you'll make yourself fit into it. Thanks Trev
  13. Decided to sell the E-type mainly due to lack of use and the fact it's value has gone up so much in recent years. It's now nearly a £100k car and so I am more cautious with it, when and how it's driven etc and it really has just become a garage queen. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely stunning and great to drive but it's a box I've ticked and life is too short not to try new things. As a replacement I was mainly looking at buying something much cheaper that I could drive and enjoy without it being mileage sensitive or the weather having to be 100% dry etc. It's a weekend car so doesn't have to have any real practicality although some occasional back seats have been a consideration. Also not after a open top car, generally I like pretty looking coupes. Also I am certainly not a track day warrior but enjoy fast b road driving, touring etc and really being part of a community would be nice as I've really enjoyed attending club events with Jaguar and Aston. My short list is currently a 997.2 C4S, Exige V6 S, TVR Tuscan, Alfa 4C or Another Aston V8 vantage. The Porsche is still the most likely candidate as it does everything really well and isn't so specialist/occasional but when you start looking at cars with £50k budget there is lot's of choice and some proper curve balls that you start to consider. I've thought about a Lister Bell Lancia Stratos replica, BMW i8, Audi R8, Jaguar XKR-S etc but am now at the point now where I need to start narrowing down exactly what I want. On paper an Evora is perfect but again it's not really pulling at the heart strings.
  14. Totally agree, I love the design direction of the Alfa but it's too stubby and compact. The Exige has much better proportions.
  15. Ha thanks everyone for the comments. I guess the problem for me is the 4C isn't quite what I hoped Alfa was going to produce so looking for a way to make something closer to what I want. I also really fancy starting another project build, resto mod etc. I've restored cars in the past and spent a good few years building a GT40 replica etc so I know of the challenges and rewards that these projects can bring. I guess I've always fancied having a go at building something unique for myself and there are some amazing designers, fabricators and builders that I've got to know over the years so I thought it was some worth at least thinking about.
  16. For reference here are a few side by side images of the 4C and Exige.
  17. Hi all I’ve been a long time lurker but finally decided to register and start asking some questions. I am currently in the process of selling my 1967 E-type Jag and am looking for something a bit different as a replacement. At the moment the E-type just doesn’t get used and I am missing having something more modern where the fun is in the driving not just the sense of occasion. In the past I’ve owned an Aston Martin V8 Vantage which was lovely as a mini GT car but wasn’t really a true sports car and after spending a lot of time looking at reviews etc I really think an Exige V6 S could be the perfect car for me. I want a car that can be used for weekend B road driving, going to events etc and the Exige ticks a lot of boxes. There is however one sticking point, the Alfa 4C. I know the 4C is not the best driving car, there is no manual box, it’s too wide etc etc but I keep finding myself brushing aside the negative aspects of the car simply because I love the looks. I am a designer by trade and the styling is important to me (hence buying the e-type) and unfortunately I just don’t get that same feeling when I look at an Exige S. Don’t get me wrong an Exige is a cracking looking car, very purposeful and I love the dimensions of the S3’s with the extended rear subframe they look like a proper junior supercar but there is something about the little Italian car that I can’t shake Anyway the purpose of this post is going to be a strange one. If the Lotus is my perfect driving car, and the 4C is the car I want to have sat on my driveway to look at then I started thinking about the possibility of a coachbuilt Exige S project. There has been a big resurgence in coachbuilding recently the 4C itself has just had a makeover in the form of the Mole Costruzione Artigianale and it strikes me that the Lotus Exige V6 S is the perfect platform. So what I have been thinking about is looking at a project build using an Exige and then implementing the 4C styling aspects into the car. It sounds crazy I know but with the way the clams are constructed for the Exige I really think it’s a project that’s worth exploring. So initial questions are does anyone know if the Exige platform has been used before by other manufacturers/coach builders (hennessy etc) and what’s the most extreme lotus project/transformation you seen to date? Also am I crazy? To kick things off here is a very basic idea render I knocked up to show you the sort of thing I want to create Before After Thanks Trev
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