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  1. I couldn’t believe none of them tested it. Your help was invaluable Kristof, thank you very, very much. I owe you a drink if you’re ever in the UK.
  2. UPDATE: Sincere apologies for not updating the thread. The car issues have basically taken over my life whilst I tried to get them resolved in time for Spain; ironically, that may now not happen due to the new government advice As stated above, the issue, in the end, turned out to be the replacement solenoid that I bought. I admittedly know very little about the workings of a car sadly, and therefore rely upon garages to tell me what this issue is. However two Lotus garages and an Auto electrician could not source the fault; this was purely because they tested everything but the new
  3. Thank you so much! update: the new solenoid appears to be faulty!
  4. Thank you. This is way beyond me, but hopefully not a garage.
  5. Yes correct, the solenoid that's melted was just on its own for many months, with the Larini running off a Bluetooth module and secondary solenoid (a Ford solenoid which came with it actually). Reinstalling either solenoid gives the same code. If I clear the codes with my OBD reader, all goes back to normal until I hit higher RPMs, when it all goes back in to either pending or limp mode, with the P2170 code showing again.
  6. This is what was recommended to me by a friend... I spoke to a mechanic and he said they're all pretty much the same.
  7. Yes it's Pierberg, but it's been in the car since new I believe. I know literally nothing about cars and electrics, but the auto electrician said 5V is a good thing.
  8. Sorry for the confusion. Fuse 7 was fine, it was fuse R20 that looks to have blown, but that makes sense as the Compressor clutch had failed.
  9. I'm hoping for some advice here as I've got a massive problem going on with my car, and I need it to be rectified urgently as I'm going to Spain next week. Details of the car... Exige V6 S IPS (2016) Alias23 pipe fitted September 2019 Larini Clubsport backbox fitted May 2019 with extra bluetooth valve control (for manual operation of the valve) The air conditioning compressor is currently not working but I have no idea when this stopped. The condenser was replaced last year but I haven't used it since as we've not really had the weather. This was found by JCT Lee
  10. Yep, that’s what people do; all too often in a negative manner. Porsche got pretty good marketing mileage out of the Pink Pig.
  11. Personally I think it’s going to look great. If you want something to stand out, there’s not really many other options. Other than something like rose gold or chrome, but then they’d be a wrap, and to me, wraps always look cr*p. George’s car is far more than just a car to him. It’s a calling card, and as a result, making it stand out is no bad thing at all. Plus who is anybody else to judge when it’s not their car in the first place
  12. I'm trying to work out if I can make this (@LifeInTheFastWayne on Insta), but would be heading over from Manchester. Are there any drives planned after C&M? I'm also thinking I might stay somewhere around there Saturday night and go to the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble on the Sunday
  13. Sorry my email notifications were going to junk and I was also away. Definitely up for some drives, and have linked up with a few other people on WhatsApp with Lotus's too.
  14. Looks awesome... love the wheels!
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